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Green Coffee Bean Max Enter the Multi-Media Age with Viral Video Promoting New Exercise Offer

Green Coffee Bean Max offers exclusive access to an exercise regime designed to help supplement users shed pounds fast


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- Online marketing is a mercurial beast, but for those who can strike the right balance, it pays huge dividends. No wonder then that an industry as thriving as diet supplements is investing in this new means by which to attract customers. Green Coffee Bean Max is a supplier of green coffee bean extract, a supplement that accelerates human metabolism to aid weight loss. The company has created a new video advertisement for use in social media platforms, offering exclusive access to an exercise guide with every new purchase.

Recommended by Dr. Oz, green coffee bean extract was shown to shed weight with no additional lifestyle changes, with results of up to seventeen pounds over twenty two weeks. The doctors explain that chlorogenic acid in raw coffee beans is burned out by the roasting process, but helps the body slow the release of sugar, burn glucose and burn fat.

The Green Coffee Bean Max supplement offers one of the highest concentrations of chlorogenic acid per pill commercially available, and their video explains the 90% loss of beneficial antioxidants through roasted coffee, and guarantees that the supplement is caffeine free, so it will support healthy lifestyles.

A spokesperson for Green Coffee Bean Max explained the promotion in detail, “As soon as you make your first order for Green Coffee Bean Max supplements, you'll be automatically signed up to get free members access to an exclusive, results-based online fitness program that will guide you toward losing weight faster. This exclusive program is available only to Green Coffee Bean Max members. Combined with a sensible diet and staying hydrated, the exercise program will complement the ingredients in Green Coffee Bean Max and help users slim down and tone up faster than ever before. The information we provide works with the product to enable users to make the maximum gains they can toward their weight loss objectives.”

About Green Coffee Bean Max
Green Coffee Bean Max is a green coffee bean supplement that acts as a metabolism accelerator, burning fat more effectively than the body can alone. The product has been featured on ABC television and has been recommended by medical professionals to those seeking faster weight loss options. For more information, please visit: