Green Coffee Bean Max Review - Supplement Boosts Weight Loss in a Month


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Green Coffee Bean Max has taken the world by storm, especially people who are anxious to consume the dietary supplement which promises real weight loss results in a couple of weeks. The secret behind the supplement lies in one super bean: Coffee.

Coffee is known and appreciated all over the world as a tasty and aromatic beverage. Most people in the US, UK and various countries in the Euro-Asian strip include coffee in their daily breakfast. A strong, hot cup of coffee makes the mind alert, the body kicking with caffeine and the drive that comes with it, makes a great start of the day. A majority adult population of Americans have at least 1 to 3 cups of coffee everyday.

Up till now, the benefits of drinking a steaming hot, freshly brewed mug of coffee were known to be anti aging, anti carcinogenic and detoxifying the body. However, recent studies have shown that the raw form of coffee beans have sufficient nutrients to fight weight loss. Green coffee beans are the crudest form of beans when they are picked off the trees.

The beans do not go through any chemical process of brewing or roasting. Instead, the extract is made from the GCA enriched green colored beans. The GCA or green coffee anti oxidant is the concentrated matter which gives the green coffee bean supplement its weight loss properties. Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements contain almost 50 percent of GCA. Most lab experiments have shown drastic weight loss results with as less as 45 percent of GCA per each green coffee bean supplement. The news of the pill's weight loss excellence made its way to celebrity doctor's TV show where he along with other doctors reported the great news; Green coffee bean extract is a sure fire way to boost weight loss.

About Green Coffee Bean Max
The extract is 100 percent natural with no negative side effects. Users should take 2 pills, one each at least half an hour before breakfast and again before lunch. The pill has surprisingly very low amount of caffeine so it is not in any way addictive. The green coffee bean's weight loss fame can't be ignored as more and more fitness enthusiasts and fitness professionals are using it in their exercise and diet program to achieve faster weight loss results.

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