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Green Coffee Bean Offers Highest Quality Pure Extract in the Fight Against Fat


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2012 -- Dieting is an obsession in America today- with a so-called ‘obesity epidemic’ everywhere in the media and science discovering and explaining the multifarious dangers of unhealthy living, Americans are taking arms against a sea of fat-rich fast food and fighting to get fit.

Such lifestyle upheavals can be incredibly difficult to maintain long term, and as such ‘fad’ dieting is on the rise, as dieters become frustrated with results that come in behind their expectations.

Green Coffee Bean is a recently launched blog suggesting a third way- the use of green coffee bean extract in conjunction with dieting and a healthy lifestyle to boost the speed of results consumers experience, thereby throwing dangerous fad diets to the wayside while maintaining dramatic results.

Green Coffee Bean promotes the number of advantageous attributes of the organic green coffee bean extract, including its low price, high efficacy and safety compared to other diet supplements on the market.

The blog is divided into four main sections: the homepage which serves as a brief introduction to the blog and the product; the blog itself which contains features, articles and editorials based on the coffee bean pure extract, it’s benefits, availability and media presence; the Organic section, which features lifestyle tips and tricks to be used in conjunction with the pills for optimal results, and weight loss, which focuses on nutrition and an FAQ approach to answering common questions about coffee bean extract.

The product they recommend comes with a 30 day guarantee, and is quality assured, being made in the US. The blog offers numerous links to sites at which users can purchase the pills.

A spokesperson for the company explained that the green coffee bean is not a magic bean, but that it can certainly help, “While you are still going to need to put in some work with exercise and eating right – green coffee bean pills are not magic – we think you’re going to find that the little bit of help you get from this supplement is really going to allow you to finally lose your excess weight and achieve the body of your dreams. Green coffee bean extract weight loss boosts your metabolism, regulates glucose preventing new fat gains, and is rich in antioxidants.”

About Green Coffee Bean
Green Coffee Bean is a blog promoting the use of Green Coffee Bean Pure extract as an aid to weight loss. For more information, please visit: