EarthWell Announces Release of Fat Burner Green Coffee Bean Extract Dietary Supplement

EarthWell has launched an innovative new product that will help people lose weight naturally. With no artificial ingredient, this green coffee bean extract supplement is a great way to lose extra pounds and look healthy and attractive.


Beaverton, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- There is a lot of buzz about green coffee and its ability to burn fat quickly. This new product and the properties of the antioxidants it contains have taken the nutrition profession by surprise. Not just the professionals but the people who tried green coffee supplements were surprised too to shed extra pounds without changing their diet or exercising more.

The fat burning properties of green coffee were proven by Dr. Oz himself who designed a scientific experiment to test it. During a two weeks period he asked 100 participants to take the green coffee supplement twice a day thirty minutes before meals. Half of the people received the real dietary pill while the other half got a placebo with no effect, but no one knew which one they were taking. After two weeks the people who took the green coffee supplement had lost 4 pounds. And they lost the weight without eating healthier or exercising more often.

This study and others prove the benefits of green coffee beans and their role in facilitating weight loss. EarthWell Green Coffee Bean Extract with GCA is a new supplement that is backed up by this scientific research to show impressive weight loss results, naturally.

How does it work?

Green coffee beans contain numerous powerful antioxidants, in particular chlorogenic acid. This chemical compound, long known as an antioxidant, also slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream after a meal. In addition The American Society for Clinical Nutrition discovered that chlorogenic acid attenuates intestinal glucose absorption rates.

Another piece of evidence comes from the American Chemical Society. They found that unroasted coffee beans help control the elevated blood sugar levels and body weight characteristic of type 2 diabetes. Their experiment using concentrated extracts of green coffee beans, which contain higher amounts of chlorogenic acids, led to a significant reduction in blood sugar.

Note that regular coffee does not have much of these powerful antioxidants as the roasting process removes them and adds caffeine instead.

Dr. Oz recommends to only buy green coffee supplements with these healthy features:

- At least 45% cholorogenic acid
- GCA (green coffee antioxidant) added
- Zero fillers, zero binders, zero artificial ingredients
- 100% natural
- Manufactured in the USA
- Minimal caffeine

EarthWell Green Coffee follows all the above guidelines, while focusing on quality control and sourcing the best coffee beans available in the world.

Amanda Meyer, a spokesperson for EarthWell says “Green coffee is known to help lose weight without dieting or increasing exercise. But it works even better if you keep a food log, as it will make you aware of what you eat. For the maximum results, avoid unhealthy food and exercise regularly.”

About EarthWell
EarthWell is a health and nutrition company that is reputed for only offering the healthiest and safest natural supplements to your body based on known scientific benefits. All EarthWell products follow good manufacturing practices and are stored in well ventilated, air conditioned warehouses. Quality control guarantees that you only get the best possible product.