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Green Energy Electrical Showcases New Testimonials Section to Host Growing Recommendations

Green Energy Electrical is the Sunshine Coast’s premier solar installers and now has a dedicated section of their website for testimonials from prior clients recommending them to new clients.


Dulong, QLD -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2014 -- Solar energy is creating an energy revolution that promises not only to be the death of centralised energy as an economic goldmine, but also promises to vastly improve the chances of our ailing environment. Last week, solar energy crashed the energy prices in Queensland to zero. As a result, many more people are considering solar energy, not least in the Sunshine Coast, so-named for its abundance of this natural, infinitely renewable energy source. The region has one other massive advantage over other neighboring territories too- Green Energy Electrical. The company has specialised in installing solar panels since it opened for business, and has now created a testimonials page that lets the solar evangelicals do the talking.

Not only do the testimonials ensure that Green Energy Electrical comes highly recommended to any and all visitors to the site, but they also talk in detail about what a difference solar power has made in their lives, and can make in the lives of others like them, aiming to increase the popularity of solar in Sunshine Coast.

Green Energy Electrical is an electrician in Sunshine Coast offering all the comprehensive suite of services provided by typical electricians, while being a specialist in solar panel installation and maintenance. With the current energy efficiency of solar better than ever before, over half of all energy could be created by solar by 2040. Early adopters stand to benefit most.

A spokesperson for Green Energy Electrical explained, “Solar panels currently allow individuals to generate energy for their homes, but the Sunshine Coast is so abundant with this energy that those with solar panels often create an excess of energy compared to their needs, and they are able to feed this back into the national grid, which is what has caused energy prices to fall considerably. In this way solar panels are capable not only of paying for themselves through savings on energy bills, but offering a tangible return on investment through contributing energy to the grid. The sooner people take advantage, the more they stand to benefit.”

About Green Energy Electrical
Green Energy Electrical is a local Sunshine Coast electrician and solar panel installation specialist. Born and bred in Sunshine Coast, Steven Pilcher is the man to call for any solar work on homes and business premises, together with full service electrical testing, maintenance and wiring. For more information please visit: