Green Energy Project Financing Seen Trending Upward

Improvements in the American Economy helping to fuel Green Energy Project Financing methods.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- With an improving economy putting municipal and corporate projects back into the “go stage”, green energy project financing is enjoying its own resurgence. Alternative energy initiatives only considered over the past 36 months, are now being green lit into project stages nationwide.

“We’re definitely pleased with the pendulum swinging back in the direction of renewable energy projects,” says the Vice President of Operations, Mr. Dennis Gronbeck, of Managed Resource Group of Denver. “If anything, we are seeing an increased commitment from both the municipal and corporate sectors, to seek out and implement clean energy alternatives, and they are partnering with us for green energy project financing.”

The ultimate goal of burning less or indeed, no fossil fuels and providing a cleaner environment is still a distant goal. However, resistance in all sectors, while still somewhat abundant, is weakening. Public outcry is boosting political pressure. In this country, when the two things, unmovable before, mix, they begin to pick up speed. Renewable energy is no different. Even when the economy was suffering, voices were heard, preparations were made, and we are now starting to gather steam, wind or solar power.

“Green projects are not going the way of the metric system in this country,” continues Mr. Gronbeck, “Commitments have been made by forward thinking businesses, and those that do not step up to the plate will fall behind and fail. Managed Resource Group is seeing numbers rise in its business of green energy project financing.”

“By educating slow movers and helping them see the business benefits of going in a green direction, we put them at a level of comfort, open up their minds collectively and they see rather quickly that, with correct funding and implementation, they can save money and be profitable.”

Corporate America has been, for the most part, the most fearful in moving towards alternative energy sources. Firms like Managed Resource Group offer consulting and education that show the reluctant companies that they can indeed compete, both domestically and internationally. With the Group providing green energy project financing and educational resources, these corporations are now better equipped and more receptive to these changes.

Navigating government incentive programs, while securing financing, seems to be the course of action for both municipalities and corporations. The resources are out there for the socially and environmentally minded entities to take advantage of them. Managed Resource Group and others are emerging as the guides necessary to keep processes moving forward.

The trends are in motion and powered by environmental awareness with specific responsibilities outlined for cities, towns, states and companies. Clean it up for now and the future. Increase action and decrease rhetoric. No longer a scary premise, solid examples of successful green initiatives are seen bearing fruit every day.

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