Green Guru Network Promotes Green Revolution Through a Green Community

Green business Westchester is the result of the efforts of GGN and its members


Hudson, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- With so much pollution all around, certain organizations around the world are taking steps to preserve the environment and curb the pollution by spreading awareness among people on the subject of Green Revolution. Going green is indeed a unique idea when the black poisonous fumes are nearly choking the existence of people and so more and more people are ready to give it a try. GGN or Green Guru Network is one such organization that aims at constructing a green community through its search of useful resources and through its sharing of sustainable viewpoints and ideas on the subject of Green Revolution. The managing director of the organization is Lea Cullen Boyer. The organization and its members teach energy efficient ways, material conservation etc to run a business and so a green business Westchester is not an uncommon thing in the industrial belts of the Westchester County.

‘The main strength of the organization is its members. Every member of the organization bears a very elaborate profile in the company website and anyone can search the profiles with the help of specific keywords. The members of GGN perform key operations like supplying of all the contents of the company website, rating and discussing the different green projects, goods, services, groups, institutions and funding. Through all these operations they not only allow the company to succeed in its mission of spreading the message of green revolution all across the globe but also they help one another save research funds, time and the efforts made. The resources and content supplied by GGN members on Green Revolution all highlight the latest issues and they continuously keep researching and updating people with what’s current in the green world. This sets the GGN website apart from all other sites’ says one who benefited from GGN.

The company focuses on working in and around the Hudson valley region and there are many green businesses running under the guidelines of GGN. Green business Westchester has reduced much pollution in the Westchester County. If any further info is needed, please visit