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Harleysville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2016 -- For foundry staff and management, there's a major concern associated with finished work. Shipping metal across the state, across the country or across the world, carries an associated risk of corrosion rendering pieces, and reputations useless. Handling conditions are rarely perfect, and boxes that come into contact with moisture can arrive in less than prime condition.

For foundries searching for anti-corrosion supplies for sale, Green Packaging Inc. provides responsibly sourced products that excel at protecting parts. The company carries a massive inventory of preventative products to keep virtually any part, at any size, from falling prey to environmental hazards. The company's bags, films and other items have garnered praise from foundries near and far for more than a decade.

While Green Packaging Inc. has worked to improve the standards of metal shipping and storage, they've also worked to improve the entire process of obtaining VCI products. A 30-minute custom quote is available directly from the company's website, so management doesn't have to spend more than a quick break learning exactly what they need. Perhaps even more convenient, every customer receives a unique VCI-ID, which makes reordering products a cinch. Orders are filled and shipped quickly; the company even monitors stock to alert management when they are in danger of running out.

With a number of resources, Green Packaging Inc. offers educational documents right from their website, so management can be up-to-date on the needs of the modern foundry. To learn more about the company, their anti-corrosion supplies for foundries or to receive a 30-minute custom quote, interested parties are encouraged to visit the website at

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Green Packaging, Inc. has been dedicated to providing eco-friendly, anti-corrosion VCI packaging solutions for over 10 years. The company carries a full line of products that prevent rust on metal parts throughout the manufacturing, storage, and shipping cycles. Visit them online today at