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Green Planet Water Conservation Claims Fixing Leaks Is Key to Saving Money


Chatham, Kent -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- With the English and Wales consumer's water bill increasing on average of 5.7% in the coming year, it's no wonder customers are doing everything they can to make sure no drop goes wasted. According to Green Planet Water Conservation representative Joe Turner, business has increased significantly as homeowners seek to find leaks and plug them up to keep their water bills as low as possible. Says Turner, "We have repaired hundreds of pipes in all diameters and materials over the last year. Customers don't want to pay any higher of a water bill than they have to. That's why we are here, to help people conserve water through rain harvesting and to keep their pipes in good condition so that no water is wasted. From repairs to replacement, we make sure water is not wasted."

Rain water harvesting, the process of collecting rain water for reuse before it reaches an aquifer, is growing in popularity, according to Turner. "It only makes sense," he said. "Droughts help, with lakes experiencing low levels, people start to worry about where their water is going to come from." Rainwater harvesting is beneficial in several ways, said Turner. "A consumer can use this recycled water to do washing, flush toilets, water gardens, clean cars and more. This will save them up to 50% on water bills and reduce their carbon foot print, too." Experts agree, citing the importance of rainwater from roofs of homes and businesses in the availability of drinking water. Turner points outs, "With the cost of water spiralling out of control and more demand on our resources, rain water harvest is becoming the way forward."

Leak detection, utility pipe replacement and water harvesting has gone high tech, resulting in more leaks found and more water conserved. "We use a mixture of the latest hi-tech equipment, along with years of experience and some of the more tried and tested methods, which means we have a very high percentage of leaks found." Toilet leaking alone can result in tremendous amounts of water loss, with an undetected leak wasting as much as 300 gallons of water. Using water more efficiently, says Turner, is the key to saving money. "By detecting the leaks, fixing them or replacing the pipes, fixing leaky faucets, installing high efficiency washers and toilets and watering the garden with recycled water, we can minimize the amount of water used, save money and make the planet a better place for our children."

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