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Green Roofs' Prevalent in Top U.S. Cities

Green roofs having a huge impact in US cities


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- Today, society is getting more conscious about going green, which is where people do things to cut down on emissions and pollutants. In turn, this betters the environment for all in the world, allowing future generations to have a healthy world to live in. One trend that is sweeping the US nation is having green roofs. Green roofs are partly or fully covered with vegetation. These plants are planted over a waterproofing membrane.

1. There are many purposes for these types of roofs, which can be found throughout different cities in the US. For one, absorption of rain water. Some people live in cities where a lot of rain falls. Excessive amounts of rain can cause damage to the surrounding area if people are not careful. But, this will not happen with green roofs, as the vegetation will absorb as much rain as possible. This prevents rain from damaging the roof and nearby parts of the building’s foundation.

2. Also, green roofs are great for providing a natural habitat for animals. With different kinds of plants on the roof, animals, such as birds, will have a food source. Roofs can be used as a place to get something to eat, bettering lives as a whole. If people are an avid fan of nature, one can setup a viewing deck near the green roof and view all of the different types of wildlife. It’s a peaceful experience and one that will enhance wildlife for years and years.

3. Green roofs not only better the lives of animals, but better the lives of people. Since the new roofs in philadelphia are green and full of life and such aesthetically pleasing to look at. Viewing beautiful, green roofs, humans stress levels will go down because of looking at nature on the top of the home. The greens and the different kind of plants will provide a relaxing setting that one can go to whenever having a bad day or just need to take the mind off something.

4. Also, green philadelphia roofs provide insulation, which limits peoples’ use of the HVAC systems. As a result, home owners can prolong the life of the heating and ventilation of the HVAC systems. This saves people a lot of money in the future. Also, these roofs improve air quality because the plants on the roofs capture airborne pollutants.

Thanks to green roofs, people are able to have environmentally friendly homes that produce quality plants. This betters the environment as a whole, as it cuts down on pollutants spread throughout the world. In the future, people can expect there to be more green roofs because it betters the world so much as a whole.

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