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Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2013 -- Green Smoke electronic cigarette company, Coupon Hub, has released new coupon codes for their customers. These coupons help buyers to get discounts while purchasing electronic cigarettes from the manufacturers. Green Smoke Company provides smokers with high quality and life like sensation of smoking cigarettes with their thick and smoke like vapor. Green Smoke gives the cartridges that produce thick and high density smoke. The customers get green smoke coupon of 5%-15% off on electronic cigarettes depending on the total purchase.

The Green Smoke Company provides high quality electronic cigarettes with disposable cartridges. These non-nicotine and non-tobacco cigarettes have a great edge over the tobacco cigarettes as they have no adverse effect on the lungs or on any other organ of the body. The quality of electronic liquids from Green Smoke ensures that the users do not have to face the pains of having bad breaths after using electronic cigarettes. There are no cigarette butts and ash after using the electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular with the passage of time as they have a great use and a good purpose. The electronic cigarettes by greensmoke can be of great use for those who are looking to quit smoking. Green Smoke cigarettes are claimed to have the richest flavors and smoking sensation due to the high quality provided in making them.

At, coupons are updated daily to ensure that no customer complains for expired coupons. Customers can use the 5% off coupon code, DISC5-26167, for orders below $100. For orders above $100, 10% off coupon code, DISC10-26167, should be used. For the customers of who purchase green smoke cigarettes there is a %15 off coupon code, DISC15-26167, on the products worth more than £100 pounds. If customers can purchase electronic cigarettes for cheap using coupon codes, then what use is to spend some extra bucks on them?

By having a green smoke coupon code, a customer can save up to 15% while purchasing the high quality Green Smoke cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes serve the purpose of being utilized as a regular cigarette that produces the same smoke and gives the identical feeling as if smoking a real cigarette. Similar to the vision, Green Smoke Company looks to provide the customers with safe and high quality electronic cigarettes. Using these cigarettes, the users can enjoy them without having to worry about their health hazards or for the smell that makes their breaths stink.

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