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Green Spirit Hydroponics Now Offering Industry's Best 12 Pot Flood & Drain System


Sheffield, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2019 -- Green Spirit Hydroponics, a constantly growing and evolving online hydroponics supplier, has recently extended their impressive hydroponics collection to include the industry's very best 12 pot flood and drain system – The IWS PRO 25mm Flood and Drain System.

IWS PRO 25mm Flood and Drain System

The IWS PRO 25mm Flood and Drain System is one of the strongest hydroponics systems available, ensuring no leaks. The system comes with larger pumps than many of its competing systems, allowing for growers to both flood and drain their grows much quicker. They create lower temperatures in water as they flow much quicker down that black pipes that just absorb the heat from the lamps in your grow room, allowing water to stay cool. These systems incorporate three different pots, which are:

- A STAND with a preset height and a 5-degree slope which allows all the water to drain back to the main tank, stopping the roots from sitting in water;
- A BASE POT which has a water tight gland through which the nutrient is delivered and
- A separate DRAIN POT which has machined holes in the base, allowing the flood and drain action.

Full details regarding the IWS PRO 25mm Flood and Drain System are available on the Green Spirit Hydroponics website here:

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