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A tree recently fell in a San Diego park, injuring a father and his five year old daughter, announces


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2016 -- The importance of Professional Tree Care should never be discounted, as one father found out the day after Christmas. He took his five year old daughter to a local park in San Diego and they began playing. With no notice or noise, the tree came crashing down. Thankfully, this father saw it doing so and pushed his daughter out of the way, saving their lives. Both suffered minor injuries and were treated at a local hospital before being sent home. Homeowners need to recognize the danger and ensure all trees on their property are cared for, so this doesn't happen to them. Not everyone is so lucky.

"Winds were only 20 to 25 miles per hour at the time the tree fell, and many individuals believe winds at this speed cannot bring a tree down. Unfortunately, various other factors play a role in this, including the health of the tree. Our Expert Tree services San Diego focus on all aspects of the tree, from its overall health to the health of the root system, to ensure issues such as this are prevented when possible. Although we can't control nature, we can do our part to prevent accidents of this type," Gary, spokesperson for Green Tree Services, Garden and Landscape ( announces.

Falling trees aren't the only danger individuals need to be concerned about. Falling branches can result in severe injuries or death, thus any weakened branches need to be regularly removed. If a tree becomes diseased, it must be removed to ensure the problem does not spread to surrounding trees, and stumps, if they are not easily seen, should be cleared out to prevent injuries. A Master Arborist can be of assistance with any of these tasks.

"Homeowners may do more harm than good when caring for their own trees. A tree is a living thing and pruning at the wrong time can lead to stunted growth, while using an improper cutting method leaves the tree vulnerable to insects, rot and cracking. Others remove all limbs on a branch other than those on the end. This leads to what is referred to as a lion's tail, due to its appearance, which results in weak branches. This may result in the branches coming down during a storm or high winds," Gary continues.

There are times when a tree needs to be removed completely, as it is beyond saving, yet there are situations where a tree may remain in place. Thinning of the tree allows sunlight to reach the ground, thus plants under the tree can thrive without the tree being removed. Shaping a tree makes it more attractive, while topping a tree reduces the risk of the tree falling on a building. A Master Arborist evaluates the tree and makes recommendations as to the proper course of action.

"Contact us today so we can assess the trees on your property. Trees are a thing of beauty, but only when cared for properly. We'll work with you to find the solutions that best suit your property and provide you with a beautiful landscape. All you need to do is ask," Gary states.

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