Green Coffee Pure Gains Surge in Traffic Thanks to New Weight Loss Supplement


Lakewood Ranch, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2012 -- Central nervous stimulants have long been used as a weight loss aid. Pills containing amphetamine salts were incredibly popular in the 60s and 70s for their appetite suppressant and stimulating qualities, but the negative effects were green coffee extract far too devastating for the weight loss to be healthy or practical. Even coffee, a comparatively mild stimulant has too many negative effects to be practically used as a weight loss aid. However, recently green coffee extract has started to grow in popularity as a weight loss aid, due to its safe yet effective weight loss effects.

One website making huge waves in this marketplace is This site showcases green coffee extract, explains the effects and benefits, and provides a reliable and safe supply of high quality green coffee extract capsules.

The main part of the site is a detailed examination of the weight loss effects of the green coffee extract, with comprehensive information about the results that have been observed. This is accompanied by many video testimonials, where people discuss the dramatic weight loss results they have experienced while taking green coffee extract.

There is also a full rundown of all the natural ingredients in the green coffee extract capsules available on the site. The weight loss potential of the capsules has been augmented by the addition of many other natural ingredients, which also have a proven track record for precipitating weight loss. The reasoning behind the addition of each ingredient is explained fully.

Curious visitors to the site will benefit from viewing the comprehensive and detailed FAQ section, where a large number of common questions from visitors to the site are answered in full.

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“The results we’ve observed from people using our green tea extract capsules for weight loss is simply staggering. As well as our own personal experiences, we’ve also received dozens of great testimonials from customers, all of them attesting to the huge weight loss potential of taking these capsules. Our unique formula has been developed for maximum effectiveness, and contains other ingredients that have also been shown to lead to weight loss. As well as a large base of pure green coffee extract, our capsules are laced with the acai “miracle” berry, kelp, African mango and many other natural weight loss ingredients. Our own unique formula makes it the most effective green tea extract on the market.”

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