GreenFellas Landscaping Services Completes 15 Years and Still Running


North London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2013 -- For 15 years, Greenfellas is still operating as one of the firms with the best garden services in London has to offer in North London. Few of the services it provides are garden fencing, landscaping, garden shed building, and decking. As the company stated on its website, ‘You name it, we have the expertise to take it on.’

Firms that offer garden services in London are not that hard to find. However, if one does not know Greenfellas, looking for the best firm to do the job right is tough. So, for people who know about the company, they know who to call whenever they want to transform their gardens without the unnecessary fuss.

The biggest edge of Greenfellas against its competitors is its experience. Gardening is a skill that requires tons of practice and time before one can master it. Fortunately, the company has already passed those requirements, and it is now enjoying the reputation of being the master when it comes to gardening.

Customers can easily talk to Greenfellas’ team of garden experts because every one of its members is friendly. Also, when it comes to working speed, they are the fastest. Aside from providing excellent gardening services in London has to offer, every member provides his or her customer with tips and advices on how the customer can improve his garden and lawn.

The company is not fickle with its clients. However, one should remember that the area that this company serves is only around North London. To be specific, it lends its services to people around Barnet, Finchley, Holloway, Crouch End, and Muswell Hill. Nevertheless, even if the customer owns a small garden, Greenfellas will perform his requests as long as he can pay the fee. For you to know more about this company, you can visit its home page at

About GreenFellas:
We offer Gardening Service, Landscaping & Installers Of Garden Fencing in North London.