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Greenfields Risk Management Provides Peace of Mind During the Hiring Process


Watton, Norfolk -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- Corporate fraud is a problem across the globe with many companies reporting levels of fraud at 40% or more, according to PWC. Kenya tops the list of reported fraud by territory with South Africa and the UK coming in second and third respectively. Cybercrime is expected to the be the next wave when it comes to corporate losses. Any company concerned about security risk management needs to ensure Candidate Vetting is a top priority within their company, Jemma Thompson of Greenfields Risk Management states.

"The goal of any company, when hiring a new employee, is to find one that the company can trust. Trust and confidence are safeguards against fraud and other white collar crime. To ensure the potential candidate meets these qualifications, a company must conduct pre-employment screening and background checks as part of the vetting process," Ms. Thompson goes on to say. "Visit to obtain assistance in completely the vetting process. Doing so also ensures your company complies with employment regulations within the industry sector."

In a recent survey, 71% of those canvassed stated that they lied on their CV. The areas most commonly lied about included qualifications, salary and previous experience. A minimum of 10% of companies have hired an employee with false details, putting their company at risk and 20% of candidates applying for a job have provided false information on the application. Of those who participated in the survey, 20% believed that the failure to mention a job or role that didn't work out was not a lie. Rather, they stated it was just not bringing attention to the job or role.

Ms. Thompson goes on to explain how Greenfields Risk Management helps companies vet employees to ensure an informed decision can be made about the suitability of an applicant. "Greenfields Risk Management works with each client to complete all checks required by law as well as employment regulation checks required by an industry. A company not in compliance with all rules and regulations is exposed to massive fines or being shut down completely. Our goal is to ensure that this doesn't happen. Making use of the services offered by Greenfields Risk Management ensures the company is covered legally and compliant with employment regulations. Employers have peace of mind knowing the employee hired is trustworthy and all employment laws are being complied with."

About Greenfields Risk Management
Greenfields Risk Management provides security risk management services in a variety of areas. The top global company in terms of pre-employment screening compliance, Greenfields Risk Management offers worldwide vetting and background checks for small and large companies at very low prices. Companies must recruit and train people worthy of confidence and trust to protect against fraud and disaster and Greenfields Risk Management ensures this happens. All staff are British Standard 7858 certified screened and fully trained experts in the areas of crb disclosures and crb checks. Offering compliance screening since 2008, Greenfields Risk Management was awarded the Silver Status in 2008 with the National Security Inspectorate and they are ISO 27001 Certified Members of the Data Protection Act.