GreenFix Energy Introduces OASIIS, A Floating Island Capable of Producing Sufficient Electricity and Distilled Water

GreenFix Energy Inc. announces today the official launch of OASIIS, a solution to the greatest environmental, water and energy challenges today


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- GreenFix Energy Inc. announces today the official launch of OASIIS, a solution to the greatest environmental, water and energy challenges today. Designed to outperform most of today's green technologies, the OASIIS patented system includes proven technologies like the Rankine Heat Engine and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) and is environmentally-friendly as well as impervious to extreme weather conditions.

OASIIS, which stands for Oceanic Atmospheric Solar Insulated Incasulation System, is a unique technology which floats in sea water where water can be distilled, electricity can be generated and hydrogen production can happen. The OASIIS system solves the issues presented by traditional green technologies like solar energy generation by offering a large surface area on which to absorb, convert and store energy. This can eventually replace hydro-carbon and hydro-electric and nuclear electricity production with an economically and environmentally-friendly engine. This self-fueled system can be produced for $300,000,000 - $325,000,000, depending on energy production needs. While this efficient system can be run best in the Pacific Northwest, places like the Sea of Cortez, Gulf of Mexico, the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf and many other places can accommodate the OASIIS.

Brad Listermann, CEO of GreenFix Energy Inc. said "OASIIS could provide 100% green electrical power in tremendous quantities sufficient to replace all current industrial carbon and nuclear-based power systems today at cost-effectively practical rates. In addition, the byproducts of the OASIIS system of large quantities of clean drinking water and hydrogen have enormous worldwide benefits starting with supplying fresh water where water shortages plague the world. OASIIS would now allow inhabitable land masses to become fully livable with electricity and distilled water. Countries struggling from lack of water or electrical needs will now have access never before known. The implication for world change is staggering. And obviously the enormous possibility for GreenFix company growth is also astounding."

About GreenFix Energy, Inc.
The mission of GreenFix Energy, Inc. is to introduce OASIIS, a new "green" resource that will help to solve energy generation issues in an environmentally sound and economically feasible manner. GreenFix Energy, Inc. was established by Brad Listermann, CEO and obtained the United States Provisional Patent on June 18th, 2013 for O.A.S.I.I.S. = OCEANIC ATMOSPHERIC SOLAR INSULATED INCAPSULATION SYSTEM.


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