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Greenfly Coupons Launches to Provide Special Focus on Video Games Deals and Discounts is a new money saving website helping people source great deals on video games from major retailers and small local stores.


Dublin, Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2015 -- Video games are now the world's largest entertainment industry, responsible for more revenue than movies or television. This is because they offer interactive, immersive experiences that let people engage with the story, affect its outcome and be the hero. Games also make so much money because they're expensive. As such, many people want to try and get the best deal, and Greenfly Coupons has been created to help them do just that, with amazing new deals, offers and incentives from video game retailers large and small.

Greenfly Coupons will feature deals from video game retailers such as G2A (, Origin (, GameStop, GameFly and many others, as well as promoting other big brands such as Walmart, Amazon and more in many other niches. Their commitment to great value is not reserved to the giants alone, however.

The new resource center hopes to carve out a niche in the competitive coupon space by not only promoting big brands, but by focusing the attention of their committed researches on sourcing great deals from lesser known brands, small to medium sized business, and even local businesses that are often overlooked by the bigger coupon sites.

A spokesperson for Greenfly Coupons explained, "We are committed to doing things differently, and making a real difference to our users because of it. With small business coupons individuals can often get better deals than when they shop with the giants, and the small businesses themselves thrive by undercutting mainstream stores and establishing loyal customers through the use of coupons. We provide a space for them to do that easily and effectively, and we hope it makes a difference to their fortunes as we gear up for Christmas. The site will be updated daily with the best video game deals, so now is the time to bookmark the site to be the first to benefit from money saving offers."

About Greenfly Coupons
Greenfly Coupons was launched as an alternative to the many sites that only have coupons for big brands, while completely overlooking smaller businesses. Greenfly Coupons offers the best of both worlds, with offers from Amazon and Walmart side by side with small and local businesses to help them compete in the saturated marketplace of coupon promotions.

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