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Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2018 -- GreenLeaf Pest Control are pest control leaders in the greater Toronto area placing their aim on the elimination of all kinds of pests using environmentally friendly techniques. Guaranteeing their customers nothing short of the best, the company has developed systems that enable them to surpass industrial requirements and expectations for any project they handle. GreenLeaf Pest Control also offers humane wildlife control for clients concerned about the impacts of animal invasion to their property.

Talking about their under guiding philosophy, the Managing Director said, "We are firm believers in sustainability as a study of the eco-systems reveals that it is possible to live in a better world and by changing how we treat the environment. If everyone in their capacities made smaller positive changes every day, we would completely transform the globe and hand over something to the future generations. In line with our push for sustainability, we pride ourselves on being the first company to introduce eco-conscious pest control services. Our integrated pest management services are proactive, preventative, and effective with zero negative impacts on your health or the environment."

The secret to control bed bugs in Barrie is by the adoption of a reliable detection technique as an accurate determination of the extent of infestation is the first step to elimination. GreenLeaf Pest Control has in their possession bed bug tracker dogs trained by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association for detection of bed bugs that are alive and viable eggs. These dogs are independently tested and have been internationally approved to be the safest way to determine infection as they can detect even a single bed bug. After the knowing the extent of the infestation, GreenLeaf Pest Control then comes with an elimination strategy that will ultimately wipe them off.

Speaking about their Canadian Geese control, the Marketing Director said, "All wildlife including birds play a significant role in maintaining an eco-system but unfortunately when these animals flock a private area they are bound to cause damage. Canadian geese lead among the birds which property owners have found to be a nuisance whenever they flock their homes. These birds are a migratory species and in the cause of their journey might decide to gather at a single location. We have come up with humane ways to get these magnificent but irritating birds from your property without killing them."

Servicing as the go-to company for pest control in Aurora, GreenLeaf Pest Control has made their presence solid in the region by implementing nothing less than long-term solutions for any invasion. The company handles an extensive range of pests including flies, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, clothing moths, spiders, and rodents. GreenLeaf Pest Control is concerned about happy and healthy living going further to give their clients measures on avoiding a re-infestation.

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GreenLeaf Pest Control are pest control and removal experts providing their clients within the greater Toronto area with custom tailored and eco-friendly solutions that are effective against any kind of pest.

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