ApplenMicro Releases New Green Smoke Coupon Updates


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2013 -- has released a new website for the authentication of coupon codes provided by the green smoke company. Green Smoke actually provides their customers with safe to use and health friendly electronic cigarettes. The coupons are for discounts that the purchasers would get when they buy Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. Customers get 10% off when they spend $100 or more, whereas, there is a 5% off coupon code with no minimum purchase. By using these coupon codes, smokers can buy Green Smoke cigarettes at a very genuine price.

"Green Smoke Coupon Info" provides all the necessary information to the seekers of discount coupon codes. Keeping in view the demand for Green Smoke electronic cigarettes coupon codes, the company has released an information website for the coupon code distribution and authentication. Now the customers of Green Smoke electronic cigarettes don’t need to look elsewhere in order to find the discount coupons for Green Smoke electronic cigarettes.

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes have great features for the users, and the quality of their e-liquids and cartridges is unmatched. They provide amazing feelings of smoking with pure water vapor. They produce the thickest smoke-like vapor than any other electronic cigarettes available in the market. Electronic cigarettes are electrical, and they do not include tobacco that causes diseases and may even cause death. This makes them safer alternatives of tobacco cigarettes. The users of electronic cigarettes can use it to help them to quit smoking as they can replicate the effect of a regular cigarette. The Green Smoke electronic cigarettes provide no less than the benefits of an electronic cigarette over the regular tobacco cigarettes.

Customers can follow the link to quit the search of discount coupon codes over the internet. The website offers a collected and dedicated place for authentication of coupon codes. The website also confirms for the customers whether their coupon codes are working and up to date. No other website over the internet has better coupon codes for Green Smoke electronic cigarettes than GreenSmoke Coupon Info.

At, coupon codes are updated each day to ensure that no customer complains for a bogus coupon code that does not work. Coupon holders for Green Smoke electronic cigarettes can find up to 10% off discount on the purchase of electronic cigarettes. In order to provide the best Green Smoke Coupon Codes online, keeps a watchful eye over the internet to ensure that they really have the best deals for Green Smoke electronic cigarettes.

GreenSmoke Coupon Info
San Diego, California