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Greenvaper Technology Offers Disposable Electronic Cigarettes & Accessories at Wholesale Prices for Worldwide Retailers

China based whole supplier, Greenvaper Technology Co. Ltd offers dependable solutions to all retailers selling disposable electronic cigarettes, batteries and a whole range of accessories.


Zhengzhou, Henan Province -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- Disposable electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular among the worldwide customers. People are fast switching to this safe and tobacco-free smoking alternative, and all those who are involved in the business of electronic cigarettes will have golden days in the coming times. Now, China based E-cigarette wholesale company, Greenvaper Technology Co. Ltd promises to supply high-quality electronic cigarettes and accessories to the retailers, helping them to retain a huge base of repeat customers.

Greenvaper Technology has always been rated for supplying best e-cigarette products to the retail industry. They maintain a lower pricing that gives retailers a competitive edge in the market. Retailers maintain that the products supplied by Greenvaper enhance their customer’s overall smoking experience and they return to them again and again. “Some of the features like enhanced E-cigarette battery life and smokeless flavorful taste make their products more desirable among the end-users,” reveals one of the retailers selling electronic cigarettes supplied by Greenvaper.

The market of electronic cigarette is poised for a massive growth in the coming years, as the popularity of tobacco-free cigarettes is growing because of their harmless nature. Moreover, the electronic cigarette industry is witnessing new and enhanced products entering the market on a regular basis. Most manufacturers endeavoring to introduce new products that can enhance the smoking experience of a person and should not be injurious to the human health and the planet’s environment.

Greenvaper continuously innovates and introduces new products, allowing retailers to offer better products to their customers. Their newly introduced E-cigarette atomizer has some astounding features that make it the most outstanding green smoking products among all available electronic cigarettes. The atomizer is available in different attractive colors and is a fashionable product to carry along in style. It doesn’t give any burnt taste and one can feel the joy of smoking a refreshing product with large vapors.

The company promises to keep bringing new and enhanced products that can help retailers in maintaining their supremacy in the market. A retailer or anyone interested in entering the business of electronic cigarettes can check the complete product listing available on their website www.super-e-cigarette.com .

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Greenvaper Technology Co. Ltd offers a large range of E-cigarettes, e-cigarette battery, e-cigarette atomizer and other accessories at wholesale prices. All products are of best quality in the market and are supplied from the original manufacturing company in China. They supply their products to the retailers across the globe and maintain low pricing, helping retailers to increase their profitability.

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