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Greenwich Bioidentical Hormones Announces Important New Educational Campaign

Media appearances, educational resources enhance awareness of bio-identical HRT


Greenwich, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2014 -- Greenwich Bioidentical Hormones announced the commencement of an educational campaign designed to inform the general public about the advantages of a particular type of hormone replacement therapy. The new campaign will include a number of media appearances by the company's founder, Dr. Edward Jacobson, as well as the issuing of a variety of informative printed resources on the company's website and elsewhere. It will focus on countering certain misconceptions which have arisen in conjunction with the use of synthetic hormones for replacement therapy, as well as on spreading word of the advantages of natural, bio-identical hormones for the same purpose.

"Hormone replacement therapy is a hot subject at the present time," Jacobson said, "but, unfortunately, also one that is mired in a certain amount of controversy and misunderstanding. With our new campaign, we hope to help those who might benefit from such therapy cut through the confusion." Levels of such hormones as estrogen and testosterone naturally decline in both women and men as they age. These changes can result in a number of undesirable side effects, from atrophying muscles and lowered energy and sex drive to greater susceptibility to life-threatening diseases, including heart conditions and cancer, as detailed at

Early attempts to remedy these imbalances with animal-derived, synthetic hormone replacements had side effects of their own, as the metabolic pathways these foreign supplements followed were found to sometimes result in harm to the cardiovascular systems of those who took them. The plant-based, bio-identical hormones espoused by Jacobson and others are broken down in exactly the same way as the body's own, so that no such harm can occur. At the same time, they are just as effective in countering the many negative symptoms associated with lowered hormone levels, whether due to menopause in women, general aging in men, or other reasons.

"There is a growing body of solid, scientific knowledge concerning the safety and benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy," Jacobson continued, "and it's time that more of the general public became aware of it." Greenwich Bioidentical Hormones is a long-standing member of the Bio-Identical Hormone Society and the Bioidentical Hormone Initiative, prominent groups which work to advance the understanding of this treatment. Jacobson is a graduate of New York University and the New York Medical College and maintains practices in both New York and Connecticut. A pioneer in working to establish the growing consensus surrounding, and popularity of, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, he has helped countless patients secure healthier, more energetic lives through his clinical work.

About Greenwich Bioidentical Hormones
One of Connecticut's leading sources for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, Greenwich Bioidentical Hormones is led by Dr. Edward Jacobson. The natural, plant-derived hormones the clinic administers are metabolized in exactly the same way as the hormones the body itself produces, leading to improved energy, well-being, and health without the side effects associated with synthetic alternatives.