Gregg Roofing Announces Top Quality Repair Services for Homes & Businesses


Yacolt, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2013 -- For professional, high quality roof repair and installation, Gregg Roofing is the roofing contractors Portland Oregon residents have used for many years of outstanding work. Providing a wide range of Portland roofing services since 1944, Gregg Roofing is the name people trust when they need trusted service for their homes or businesses.

Offering top quality repair services for nearly 70 years, Gregg Roofing uses the best materials, trained professionals and high value services to repair or replace your roofing at low, competitive prices. Because Gregg Roofing operates all of their own equipment, they lower their own costs to you so they can perform the best job in fixing damage to your roof or replacing the roof entirely.

After you make your initial contact, a professional from Gregg Roofing will conduct an inspection and offer an estimate for the services to be provided. Once you have accepted that estimate, an appointment will be made that best suites your schedule so that the trained professionals can repair or replace your roof in a timely manner.

Once completed, Gregg Roofing will leave you with a completely repaired or new roof that will serve your home well for years to come.

All it takes is a small crack or hole in your roofing to allow moisture to seep in which can cause a great deal of damage to the structure of your home. Moisture allows for the growth of mold, one of the most damaging organisms to wood structures. Mold infestation can cause thousands of dollars in damage and make your home unlivable.

Gregg Roofing provides high quality inspection services that are inexpensive and thorough. By spotting the small cracks and holes early on, they can be repaired quickly and inexpensively. An inspection by the professional at Gregg Roofing can save you thousands of dollars in future repairs.

Gregg Roofing is the metal roofing Portland Oregon specialists in providing a solid, damage resistant, high quality roof that will last for many years. Metal roofs are highly resistant to the elements, particular hail, sleet and snow which can cause damage to other types of roofing materials. Metal roofs are rust-protected and need very little maintenance for years of service.

Gregg Roofing was established in 1944 to provide excellent, high quality roofing services to the Portland area. They are not a fly-by-night company that shows up after a storm, only to leave with your money and the job not properly finished. Gregg Roofing prides itself on being one the finest Portland roofing contractors with excellent credentials, high quality, professional services that meet and exceed the customer’s needs.

In addition, Gregg Roofing operates a wide range of trucks, hoists and pumps that provide for all types of roofing applications. One call to Gregg Roofing can bring to you the professional, high quality services you expect when your roof needs repair or replacement.

Located at 27001 S.E. 15th Street in Camus, Washington, Gregg Roofing can be reached at

360-834-3902 or on the web at or by email at

About Gregg Roofing, Inc
Gregg Roofing, Inc is a Residential and Commercial Roofing Contractor operating a wide range of trucks, hoists, and pumps to provide all types of roofing applications.

Established: 1944

Company Info:
Gregg Roofing, Inc.
27001 S.E. 15th Street
Camas, WA 98607
Business Phone: 360.834.3902
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