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Grey Street Dentist Offers Special Savings for New Patients


St. Kilda, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2014 -- Dr. Hyun Soo Yu, lead dentist at Grey Street Dentist is offering special savings for new patients to welcome them to the practice. New patients have the opportunity to receive a comprehensive initial examination for just $99.

The exclusive online offer includes the exam, dental charting and a detailed management plan, along with a digital presentation and two bitewing x-rays. Patients must mention the online offer when booking their appointment.

Grey Street Dentist provides patients with a comprehensive array of dental services to meet the needs of clients throughout every stage of life. From a child’s first dental visit and cosmetic procedures to services for seniors, the clinic provides the latest advances in dental technology.

An increasing number of individuals are seeking cosmetic services ranging from teeth whitening to straightening. The practice provides in-office and at-home whitening procedures to maintain a brilliant smile. Invisalign® braces offer an easy and modern way to straighten teeth utilizing a series of alignment trays. Virtually invisible, the trays are painless and eliminate the need for metal and wires.

The practice promotes preventative measures that help patients retain their natural teeth as long as possible. The clinic treats a variety of gum diseases that’s detrimental to oral health and adversely affects the overall well-being of patients.

Custom mouth guards work to prevent dental mishaps resulting from a variety of sports activities. If a cavity is discovered, the practice utilizes composite fillings that are closely matched to the patient’s natural tooth color.

If a tooth becomes damaged, a root canal can be performed to alleviate pain and a cap applied to preserve chewing ability and strengthen the damaged tooth. Chipped, cracked, crooked and imperfectly shaped teeth can be remedied with a veneer to cover the tooth, providing conformity and stability for surrounding teeth.

Wisdom teeth often come in crooked or become impacted, requiring an extraction. Teeth that have suffered trauma or infection and are too badly damaged to be repaired will need to be removed. To provide surrounding teeth with stability, a bridge or implant can be obtained. A bridge is a removable appliance, while an implant is a synthetic tooth that is permanently affixed to the bone within the gums.

Full and partial dentures are available that are carefully customized to the patient’s oral needs. They restore a patient’s smile and confidence, and provide the means for clients to chew properly for digestive health.

The special offer for new patients offered by Grey Street Dentist provides patients with significant savings and a comprehensive assessment of their oral health. The clinic provides free, 15-minute cosmetic consultations and a full range of cosmetic, restorative and preventative procedures to address the needs of clients throughout their lifetime.

The practice can be reached by phone at 03 9534 4017. For more information, visit the dentist St. Kilda online.

Dr. Hyun Soo Yu
Grey Street Dentist
Phone 03 9534 4017