Greyhound Legal Expands Into Canada

Profound legal expertise now at an international level


Tacoma, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2014 -- Greyhound Legal is a name that is synonymous with professional quality legal process server service that is comprehensive and customer oriented. The company is now taking the same level of expertise and professionalism to foster growth in the Canadian market.

The new move comes in the light of the company’s plan to expand into international markets and give Canadian residents a chance to experience superior service when it comes to legal courier, notary and process servers.

Services that entail legal processing and documentation carry a fair deal of risk as there are many factors that come into play. Human error is one of these factors which can significantly damage the credibility of the process and can further lead to irreparable loss.

Greyhound Legal which has and continues to be a highly sought after legal service in Seattle and Tacoma has come up with a technically advanced process which eliminates the possibility of human error, therefore, has the ability to give its clients a goof proof system that they can trust and rely on.

This is the reputation that Canadians will most benefit from. As Greyhound Legal is known to comply with local laws and regulations, it will maintain the same commitment here in Canada while trying to bring its service advantage to the table.

Greyhound Legal as a legal service provider, primarily focuses on providing clients comprehensive services and support in the departments of process servers, notary public, courier and investigation. These are services that involve high level confidentiality which is exactly what Greyhound hopes to give to its growing customer base which is now going to expand with the inclusion of Canada as a potential market.

About Greyhound Legal
With process servers as the center of its business philosophy and focus, Greyhound Legal is also confident of giving its customers the best prices for the services it offers.

In addition to the primary services mentioned above, the company also specializes in providing:

- Surveillance: Video, Audio and Vehicle Tails
- Witness Statements: Video, Audio and Electronic
- Fingerprinting: Wet Ink Prints, Background Checks and Criminal Record Reports
- Stakeouts: Image and Video Capture
- Skip-Tracing: Asset Checks and Locating People
- Registered Agent Services: LLC Formation, Business Filings, Free Change of Agent Services and Certificate of Good Standing

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