GreyHoundLegal Explains Standard Practice for Getting a Process Server in the Tacoma-Seattle Area for the Delivery of Legal Documents

Best methods for choosing and having legal papers delivered in Washington State for a divorce, small claims on your behalf without fail.


Tacoma, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2012 -- Process serving is the act of acquiring jurisdiction over a person or property. There is a requirement in the United States that when facing legal action, be that action in a court of law or as part of an administrative court, all parties must be notified. The notification process is known as “service of process”, and has a strict set of codes ensuring it is done up to standards. In legal matters, there is a requirement for the defendant to receive the paperwork for service of process either personally, or in a process known as substituted service in which someone in the defendant's household or place of business is able to pass on the service documents. Documents that fit this category are complaints, summonses, srits, subpoenas, and any other document of the court.

Process serving Seattle WA is offered by members of a process service club, of which there are fourteen. In Tacoma, process server services may be offered by companies holding license to do so. In surveys of legal professionals regarding choosing the sheriff to deliver documents or a process server to do so, overwhelmingly the professional process servers come out on top. The only area the sheriff has a perceived advantage is in the average cost category, as the sheriff has no additional charge after taxes pay his salary. The Tacoma process server system includes service professionals more knowledgeable about serving this paperwork and the law in general than the sheriff's office.

The average rate to get papers served to somebody is around fifty dollars, though process servicing Seattle, WA goes as high as 100 dollars. Efficient agencies offer service time schedules indicating how long until they can have the document delivered, how many attempts they will make, and explain to you the area they legally service. Process service providers may attempt to get a signature from the defendant during the time they are being served, but often this is not possible. In this case, the process server can make an unsworn declaration which confirms their having served the correct individual with the correct documents. The process server is bound by the court of law to do this rigorously, as their un sworn declaration is deemed to be one done in the guise of the court, thus is punishable as perjury if the information is not correct.

If the standard practice of servicing legal papers to a defendant does not get results, the court may allow other options to getting the service accomplished. Actual service to some defendants is difficult, made more so by irregular schedules, long hours away from home, multiple vehicles, multiple people at the same residence, no place of business, and hiding out from being served the papers. The work product that service processing companies provide is the affidavit or proof of service submitted by that person which attests to the fact that the defendant has the paperwork in hand. At this time, the court is able to determine they have jurisdiction over this person and can proceed with scheduling and arranging future court dates.

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