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Greystone Equipment Company Now Offering a Variety of Pallet Rack Systems


Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- Greystone Equipment Company, located in Ambler, Pennsylvania, has been proudly serving the greater Philadelphia area for over 25 years. Repeat customers represent a large portion of Greystone Equipment Company’s business, because customers save money without sacrificing quality. Greystone Equipment Company offers customers a number of solutions for storage, including: shelving, lockers, bins, cabinets, pallet racks, and much more. Now, Greystone Equipment Company is offering customers a variety of pallet racks systems.

Greystone Equipment Company understands the importance of having multiple options when considering equipment for a business. Especially when it comes to storage, every business owner has unique needs. Not only should customers be able to choose from various styles or model types, but they should also be able to choose from multiple manufacturers. Greystone Equipment Company makes a concerted effort to represent products from various brands. All of the brands carried at Greystone Equipment Company are of the highest quality. That being said, many of the products at Greystone Equipment Company are more affordable and reliable than some of the competitors.

Pallet rack systems are one of the most effective means of storage and space conservation. However, not all pallet racks are created equal. For a long time now, an Interlake pallet rack has been considered to be the market leader in quality. The professionals at Greystone Equipment Company appreciate the innovation and quality that Interlake has put into their pallet rack systems. Interlake pallets are extremely durable, reliable, and compatible across varying systems. Furthermore, many Interlake pallet racks are adjustable and customizable. That being said, these pallet racks are often highly expensive. Greystone Equipment Company can help customers find the desirable traits and characteristics of an Interlake pallet rack in a more affordable brand.

About Greystone Equipment Company
Greystone Equipment Company has more than 25 years of experience in the material handling and storage equipment industry, providing its clients with the highest level of quality and excellence. They represent major brands including Lista, Eagle Group, Hallowell, Cogan, Bulldog Rack Co., Lakeside, Proline, and Husky.

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