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Gridiron Tire Informs Customers How to Tell when It's Time for a Tire Change


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2017 -- Many drivers are stumped by the timing of when they should replace their tires. While some wait too long, others replace them at the first signs of wear. Gridiron Tire ensures that all of their customers are well informed of when they should not only replace their tires, but how they should go about keeping their tire's life expectancy in check. This involves tire rotation, inflation, and many other factors that are important for the driver's overall safety on the road.

While the relative age of a vehicle's tires is a major determining factor, it is also important to initially consider and assess the damage each tire has endured. The average lifespan of a tire is about five years, but the older and more damaged the tire, the thinner the compound is, resulting in it being especially susceptible to road hazards like potholes.

Also, if one tire blows out and only that tire is replaced, it will have a different tread depth then the other three tires. This tread depth actually causes the brand new tire to wear down much faster than normal. To avoid this, Gridiron Tire recommends that drivers also replace the opposite tire as well to restore the balance. The two new tires can then be rotated to the back or front, depending on whether the vehicle is FWD or RWD.

Another factor involves the tread depth of the tire and making sure it is not worn down. Driving on long trips with a worn tread is inefficient and can be dangerous. A driver's habits actually play a large role in this, whether they are heavy on the gas or heavy on the brake.

Gridiron Tire wants to assist drivers with all of their tire needs, including knowing when to switch them out with new ones. Contact Gridiron Tire today by calling 855-502-7274.

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