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Gridley Hollow Honey Co. Launches New Online Natural Honey Store


Virgil, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2015 -- Gridley Hollow Honey Co. is a family owned company and honey bee farm in a valley beneath Virgil Mountain in Upstate New York. The company's fine artisanal honey comes from bees that visit wildflowers which are fueled by abundant sunshine and pure mountain water. Gridley Hollow recently announced the launch of their new online honey store which will serve a wider range of clients across the US whom appreciate natural honey farmed using sustainable methods.

One of the company's main products is raw honey. Unfortunately, the majority of honey available in grocery stores has been heavily processed for the mass market. This over-processing breaks down many antioxidants, naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes that provide an array of health benefits. Many people buy raw honey for these benefits, and also for its delicious and distinctive flavor. Its healing and natural antibiotic properties are said to help treat acne, sore throat and cough, mild wounds and burns.

Gridley Hollow's local honey for sale is available in various sizes. The honey is harvested twice per year –once in the summer and again in the fall. The summer and fall crops each have their own distinct flavor qualities. This is because the mix of nectars the bees use to produce the honey can vary from harvest to harvest. The company most recently completed their fall harvest.

"The fall wildflower honey is a bold delicious mix of goldenrod and wild asters. It is available as strained or unstrained (contains beeswax pieces and small propolis pieces). The unstrained honey will crystallize fast, making a very smooth, creamy and spreadable product, with an enjoyable flavor." said a Gridley Hollow representative.

Available year-round, the summer crop has a mild and sweet flavor. This makes it great in tea, on muffins or fresh baked wheat bread or in oatmeal.

The company's liquid honey is never heated over 110 degrees. This keeps the flavor, pollens and live enzymes intact. The company currently sells this natural honey to various suppliers, and in person and over the phone to consumers. With the launch of Gridley Hollow's new website, customers will now have the convenience of being able to buy honey online directly from the company.

About Gridley Hollow Honey
Gridley Hollow Honey was founded in 1989. It is a family owned and operated farm nestled in a peaceful valley beneath Virgil Mountain in Upstate New York. Their bees visit wildflowers that are fueled by abundant sunshine and pure mountain water, to produce a healthy and flavorful product. Using sustainable methods, their bees make some of the finest artisanal honey in the world.

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