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Devon, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- How Do You Deal with Death, Grieving and Loss? It’s one of the most depressing and emotional times of anyone’s life when you hear that your loved one is diagnosed with a terminal disease. Your entire world stops for what seems like an eternity. Shock. Pain. Anguish. Depression. Like an emotional roller coaster – it feels like someone pushed you into the car and pressed the button. The only problem is – it’s a ride you can’t stop.Dealing with the sudden death of a friend or loved one through an accident is just as painful, but it is shorter. When you get the news your mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer – you still talk with them. You take walks. You laugh and you cry. The most painful part of knowing she is going to leave soon can be a hard thing to go through.But the pain can turn around 180 degrees because when you think of happiness, and focus on making her days as joyful as they can be. It takes courage and It’s not easy to do.

Once the shock and numbness wears off, dealing with reality becomes a necessity. How much time do you have left with your loved one? Cherish each day as if it were their very last. Don’t let them see your suffering while they are still here on the earth. Crying is healthy, but it as with all things, there is a time for laughter, a time for crying. And being the best you can be with your loved one before they depart is going to be uncomfortable at times. But you can get through it. I realized that pain is temporary.

I can show you how to turn your grief into something positive that can shape your life for the better.

I’m Just an Ordinary Guy with a Gift to Share.

I’m no TV celebrity, but I seem to have a gift that I feel compelled to share with the world. My gift was born out of the tragedy of losing my mum to terminal cancer, this experience led to my life’s work.

Like most people, I went through the emotional ups and downs. Rage. Denial. Disbelief. Sorry. Depression. And lots of crying. Not long ago, I went to a workshop where a speaker discussed different parts of our lives that each of us has a secret gift to empower ourselves – and other people with.One audience member spoke of their grief after their mother passed on from cancer. It was fascinating to hear their story. However, five minutes after the seminar, my dad calls and tells me my mum’s cancer had returned rather aggressively.

This is the moment no one wants to face but the moment you face the shock – it seems the entire world stops for an eternity. I knew my life was never going to be the same and I let myself go through the emotional roller coaster ride. As things got worse for my mum, I cherished the days and our last Christmas together. Just after the new year, we transferred her to St. Luke’s Hospice. She passed on a few months later.

As the months pass, many people came to share their stories my my mum. She was a lady of great compassion, love, light and a great listener.

Learning the stories told by so many gave me a special gift to my mum. She helped me realize who I was and the potential she held for me in her heart is what drives me to this day. I feel compelled to share that gift with others who might be experiencing grief right now. And the gift I have to say is simple: It’s okay to be sad. But you need to focus on the good things. Focus on the light, the spirit and person he or she was.

If you remember someone, they can never really pass away because they live on in our own hearts and minds and in the world through our own legacy’s.

If you’re experiencing grief and sadness that seems like it will never go away, you need to reach out for grief support. I’ve been where you are right now and it’s not a fun place to be. You only need to reach out and take my hand and let me show the way. The sadness and anguish you are feeling is normal. If you want to heal and move on I can show the techniques I developed to help bring healing to my own life and a few other lost souls that needed some guiding light, to

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