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Griffin Capital Funding Announces Availability of Bond Financing for Churches

The most reputable church financing company in the world announces opportunity for churches to take advantage of unique new loan offers


Fredericksburg, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Griffin Capital Funding, the world’s most well-respected church financing company, is pleased to announce the availability of bond financing for qualified churches. The church bond opportunity offered by Griffin provides the borrower with financing for up to 30 years. The funding is offered at a fixed rate with no balloons.

The church bond program requires higher fees than other alternatives offered by Griffin, but provides a viable option for those churches that require a financing option that is fully fixed or those that don’t qualify for traditional financing.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer this flexible financing option, which will allows us to serve a broader number of churches and religious institutions,” said a spokesperson for Griffin. “We strive to provide financial services for those organizations that we think are deserving, and some of those organizations may not otherwise qualify for financing opportunities, which is why we’ve developed our bond program. Our ultimate goal is to serve people of faith to the best of our ability, and bond financing allows us to do just that.”

Griffin Capital Funding has set a goal to provide $100,000,000 in loans for churches, this year alone. Church loans provided by the company range from $75,000 to $24,500,000, which was the company’s largest project to-date for the Frisco, Texas Celebration Covenant Church.

The loan services provided by Griffin are ideal for churches that seek to renovate, purchase or expand a church building, obtain a mortgage or refinance an institution. The company offers free, no obligation quotes, 24 hour condition approval on all church loans, no personal guarantees required, quick closings and personalized service.

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Griffin Capital Funding is committed to providing the highest quality church loans available with the best possible rates and terms. The company provides loans to religious institutions all over the country, and their ultimate goal is to create lasting relationships with their customers. In 2008, the company was named the 49th fastest growing financial firm by Inc. Magazine. To contact the company visit