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Grinding Teeth at Night? West New York Smiles Now Offers Night Guards


Hershey, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- Suffering from grinding those pearly whites at night? West New York Smiles is now offering night guards to protect the many people who suffer from bruxism while sleeping. Whether one happens to be a grinder or a “clencher” it can be extremely damaging to the mouth. The dentist in Union City notice far too often patients who come in and see the side effects of what teeth grinding can do, so, that is why night guards are a great solution to sleep peacefully.

Some people may do it consciously throughout the day but it is mostly an evening problem. If this issue isn’t addressed over time the teeth can break, wear down, or damage the enamel and strength of one’s teeth. Come into the West New York Smiles for a custom fitted night guard that is similar to an athletic mouth guard that is a barrier between the top and bottom teeth to prevent grinding from occurring. Don’t worry about the fit; all of the night guards are custom to everyone’s individual mouth. The West New York Smiles dental lab will be able to recreate one’s night guard after an impression has been taken.

For those who have been struggling with the aches and pain from grinding teeth at night, they can now put an end to it. They are extremely durable and will last for up to a decade. The dentist in Cliffside Park will be able to prevent people from grinding and destroying their teeth. For those who are unsure if they happen to grind their teeth at night can go in for an appointment to check.

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