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Griner & Schmitz Announces Move to New, Larger Location at 1700 Cherry Street

Century-old Kansas City surveying equipment specialist's new store offers greater space for inventory and product display, more parking, and more convenient access to customers, Griner & Schmitz reports


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- Griner & Schmitz, one of Kansas City's leading sellers of surveying equipment, has moved to a new location at 1700 Cherry Street. Compared to the previous location on Broadway, the new building will provide much more space, allowing the company to expand its warehouse and showroom and make new investments into its training facilities. In addition, the new facility will afford more parking and easier access to customers. Founded in 1910, Griner & Schmitz is one of the country's longest-established surveying equipment specialists and consistently leads the industry in a number of important ways.

"We're happy and proud to announce that we have moved to a new location at 1700 Cherry Street in Kansas City," Griner and Schmitz representative Jim Martin said, "and our loyal customers are immediately going to notice a number of great improvements." Griner & Schmitz has been characterized by an intense focus on unbeatable customer service since the company was founded over 100 years ago. Over the course of that time, it has developed a reputation as being one of the top sources for surveying equipment anywhere.

Unlike other companies that stock surveying and GPS equipment without regard to the quality or usefulness of each piece, Griner & Schmitz carries only those items that have proven through real-world use to be the most effective. In addition to benefiting from the company's carefully curated inventory, customers also have access to some of the most highly trained and knowledgeable salespeople in the industry. Rather than simply trying to run up sales totals, these experts focus on recommending only the equipment that will be most worthwhile given each particular customer's needs. The impressive and distinctive experience of working with Griner & Schmitz has made it one of the most frequently recommended sources for those looking to buy surveying equipment in Kansas City.

Customers can also rent surveying equipment from Griner & Schmitz at extremely competitive prices, once again being assured of the most reliable and effective options. The company also offers flexible, comprehensive training in every piece of equipment it sells, either in-store, on-site, or online, depending upon how customers prefer to receive it. For over 50 years, Griner & Schmitz has also offered top-quality service of surveying and related equipment, meaning that customers can have all of their needs dealt with through a single, trusted, time-proven vendor.

The company's move to its new location at 1700 Cherry Street in Kansas City will allow it to serve clients at an even higher standard. An expanded warehouse will ensure that it is able to maintain even more consistent and extensive stocks of inventory, while more spacious showroom and training areas will make it easier and more enjoyable for customers to view, assess, and acquire training on the company's surveying and GPS equipment offerings. The new location also offers greatly increased parking capacity compared to the previous one and will be significantly more convenient for customers to access during busy times of the day.

About Griner & Schmitz
Griner and Schmitz is Kansas City's home for name brand surveying equipment sales, rental and repair. For more than 100 years, regional surveyors of the Midwest have turned to Griner and Schmitz to keep them working. The company prides itself on a foundation of excellence, service and quality. And while times have changed, the core mission and promises continue to remain focused on the customer.