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Gripping New Novel Examines "War" Between Patriots & Bureaucrats, as Billionaire Takes Revenge on Governmental Agencies That Killed Friend

Masterfully crafted by Thomas Temple, “Patriots Versus Bureaucrats” proves that even lone citizens can successfully seek vengeance on the highest levels of Government. When protagonist Peter John Wallis discovers that Bureaucrats are responsible for the untimely death of his friend, he vows to hold them and their organizations accountable. Will their supposed Governmental protection be enough to stop Wallis from getting the revenge he seeks?


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- While a myriad of Government agencies are put in place to protect the lives and freedoms of all Americans, millions are aware that most of these agencies at some point violate individuals’ rights. Indeed, documented cases even show that Government has paved early graves for many. It’s this concept that author Thomas Temple explores in his fast-paced and thought-provoking new novel.

“Patriots Versus Bureaucrats” sees vengeance, grief and status collide as Peter John Wallis stops at nothing to have his way with the “system”.


Peter John "Pete" Wallis, a retired and widowed billionaire, receives a call from the wife of a longtime friend informing him that his friend has passed away suddenly. At the funeral Pete Wallis finds out that his friend had been hectored into an early grave by some overly zealous government bureaucrats who took it upon themselves to act beyond the scope of the law created by the United States Congress.

Sipping vintage Macallan in front of a roaring fire at his home in northwest Wyoming, Pete Wallis reflected upon his many years of friendship with John Ross and the outrage of his death. Then sadness turned to anger. Then anger turned to action. Pete began to create a list.

The left side of "The List" contained the names and organizations whose lives he would make miserable. The right side of the list contained the names of people whose lives would be shortened. In the morning calls would be made.

Many Americans recognize that Federal Bureaucracy is out of control as their scope expands and they violate the rights of individual citizens. These people are concerned about the direction the country is heading in, but I turn the tables to show just what happens when citizens decide to fight back, explains Temple. It’s a totally different spin on your average revenge fiction novel and just goes to show the power of patriotism.

Since its release, the novel has garnered a string of rave reviews. Bruce C. Alfredson comments, “This is one of those books that once you start reading you don't want to put it down. Excellent and very believable characters come to life with their demons, flaws and passions.”

Richard K. Quinn adds, “This guy Temple is better than Clancy and Grisham. Read this book--GREAT.”

Patriots Versus Bureaucrats, from Starry Night Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1rkmtb0

About Thomas Raymond Temple
Thomas Raymond Temple is a resident of Houston, Texas, and has resided there since 1978. He was born and raised in Norwalk, Ohio, and graduated from high school in 1965. Mr. Temple received his college education at Bowling Green State University where he earned an undergraduate degree in business administration and a Masters of Business Administration. Upon receiving his MBA, Mr. Temple entered active duty as an officer in the US Air Force via a commission through the ROTC program. Assignments included several hospital administration posts, medical recruiting, and research and development planning. Having completed his service in the Air Force, he became employed in the financial services industry where he has held positions as a stockbroker, financial planner, and investment advisor. Additionally, Mr. Temple served as the Chief Financial Officer of a seismic data processing company for five years and has been retained as an expert witness and consultant in security fraud litigations.