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Gritty, Post-Apocalyptic New Novel from Award Winning Game Designer

From Aaron Casillas, ‘The Legend of El Ghost’ is a searing, imaginative and thought provoking new release from an author who knows a thing or two about creating new worlds.


San Rafael, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Aaron Casillas’ new novel is like dystopia on steroids.

Set in a future landscape that no human being could ever contemplate, with garbage-strewn highways, fallen cities and the unlikeliest of heroes, Casillas has imagined an Earth that fans of his celebrated games will want to sink their teeth into.

“I give readers a glimpse of what the world could become,” says Casillas. “The Legend of El Ghost’ is a slice of post-apocalypse Los Angeles, and it flips the planet on its head.”

Fans of the Luchador comic books and movies will be especially excited by the structure of the story, and of the character of a peaceful farmer who becomes a Luchador inspired vigilante.

“Luchador means ‘wrestler’ in Spanish,” says Casillas. “I drew inspiration from these other universes and in essence, put together a whole new environment for readers to explore.”

Years after civilizations have fallen and re-invented themselves. Earth has given rise to an unthinkable cast of inhabitants, theocracies, cult driven cities, roaming bounty hunters and slave drivers.

Earth is now a place where drug lords can become drug gods, but it’s also a place where the unlikeliest of people can become a Luchador inspired comic book hero.

“The Legend of El Ghost” is a story about a man who is driven to the edge of insanity by the guilt of watching a crime he should have stopped.

His life becomes wrapped in a complex matrix of stories from popular culture that subsequently melt into his reality.

Living on a knife’s edge his insatiable thirst for redemption drives him closer and closer to the edge of suicidal tendencies.

El Ghost has a message for anyone who has ever watched a crime and lived to feel guilty about it.

Set to become a cult classic, ‘The Legend of El Ghost’ feels “cinema-ready” according to many reviewers. Casillas is open to the idea.

“Since I think visually a lot of the time, I can definitely see that the book has that appeal,” says Casillas, who has worked in the game design industry for decades. “The writing is vivid and colorful and the characters often feel larger than life.”

Continuing: “Not to mention, the center of the tale is the protagonist’s moral dilemma, which always makes for meaty story-telling in the movies. He’s witnessed a crime and been scarred by it, but he’s too frightened to tell anyone. The book is action-packed, but it also has that guilt – that fear – at its core, which I think makes for a more interesting, multifaceted story.”

‘The Legend of El Ghost’ is available now: http://bit.ly/1fSj4eb

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About Aaron Casillas
Aaron Casillas is an award winning Video Game Designer and industry veteran.

With a career spanning nearly two decades, his experience includes intellectual property development, game design and simulations. He earned a Fine Arts degree from U.C.L.A School of Art with an emphasis in New Genres of Art.