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Gritty, Terrifying New Series to Be Published Digitally by MonkeyBrain Comics

From prolific and popular author Cullen Bunn, ‘The Remains’ is a 4-issue horror comic book series that follows two sisters who live on a lonely farm. When a mysterious man enters their lives, all hell breaks loose… literally.


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- Launched in the summer of 2012 by New York Times-bestselling writer Chris Roberson and TV commercial and film producer Allison Baker, MonkeyBrain Comics was designed to be a home for quality creator-owned comics made available in digital format via the Comics By comiXology platform.

With the upcoming, hotly anticipated release of ‘The Remains’, MonkeyBrain Comics solidifies its reputation as the destination for fresh and creative new voices in the comic book industry.

Written by Cullen Bunn, illustrated by A.C. Zamudio and colored by Carlos Nicolas Zamudio, ‘The Remains’ is the terrifying tale of two sisters who live with their parents on a farm that is slowly crumbling to dust. When an itinerant worker appears, the girls wish they could feel relief… instead, the hired man brings with him all the horrors of the known – and unknown – universe.

Readers will be struck by the raw and blood-curdling writing, the vibrant illustrations and the nightmarish storyline, as Bunn invites them on a journey through their darkest, most forbidden nightmares.


“The dead rats danced the day the hired man came around."

Birdie and her younger sister Abigail live on a struggling farm. Their mother is several months pregnant and their father suffers from crippling rheumatism. When an itinerant farmhand appears, the children should be relieved. Instead, they find their lives spiraling into nightmare. The hired man regards Birdie with menacing desire. To make matters much worse, wherever he goes, the dead grow restless. As the horror threatens to consume her home and her family, Birdie haunted by a chilling warning:

Some secrets are meant only for the dead.

The writer of the fantasy western, ‘The Sixth Gun’, Bunn is known as a writer who has a special talent for creating new worlds. With ‘The Remains’, the setting is the real world, but the horrors are both real and otherworldly. Bunn is particularly proud of this tale of horror.

“When I was writing it,” says the author, “I could feel Birdie and Abigail’s overwhelming dread. I could feel the lurking threat of the farmhand. It was such a vivid, nightmarish story, which made it perfect for adaptation as a comic. Comic book readers demand that immersive experience, and we’re giving them what they want with this story.”

Continuing, “Not only is it absolutely terrifying, but the illustrations and colors perfectly fit the tone. A.C. and Nick have really gone above and beyond to bring this story to life. Or unlife, as the case may be. MonkeyBrain Comics have been publishing some of the best creator-owned series around – and I’m so thrilled to be a part of it.”

‘The Remains’ may be pre-ordered from comiXology now (http://www.comixology.com/The-Remains-1/digital-comic/76849) and it will be available digitally on February 26th.

About the Creators
Cullen Bunn has written comics for Oni Press, including THE SIXTH GUN, HELHEIM, THE TOOTH, and THE DAMNED. He also writes for Marvel (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL, MAGNETO) and DC (SINESTRO). His horror short stories have been collected in CREEPING STONES from Evileye Books. He has also written a middle reader horror novel, CROOKED HILLS, available from Earwig Press. His website is www.cullenbunn.com

A.C. Zamudio has emerged as a comic artist with a bang in the last year, first with REAL WEST #1 from MonkeyBrain Comics, then THE FRATERNITY #1 from Titanium Comics. She hails from Eugene, Oregon and studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. There, she married Carlos Nicolas Zamudio, and she looks forward to drawing at a desk beside him for the rest of her life. You can find her online at aczamudio.blogspot.com.

Carlos Nicolas Zamudio is a silent youth born in Colombia. He roamed the Latin American landscape for years in search of a place where he could hone his skills. Now with a degree in sequential art under his belt, he has settled down with his wife in the city of Atlanta. There he toils as a freelance comic artist in hopes of working on enough comics and anthologies to afford bringing his dog over to the states. Follow his exploits at www.ink-imp.deviantart.com.