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Grizzly Gadgets Launches New Range of iPhone and iPad Cases


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- The ubiquity of the iPhone and iPad in modern society can likely be chalked up to their high premium among business and design leaders, who set a trend that so many others are keen to follow. Their intuitive operating system and plethora of apps have made them a market leader, challenged only by the Samsung Galaxy range, which was met with a hefty lawsuit from Apple. The most important thing for owners is to protect their investment, so it’s no wonder a market has sprung up for phone and pad cases. Grizzly Gadgets is one of the leading suppliers of such cases, and have recently launched a new range of cases for the latest incarnations of the tech.

The site provides a catalog of high quality phone cases and tablet cases designed to protect the technology within while also providing stylish personalization. The catalog can be browsed by type as well as through featured categories, including leather and aluminum, accessories for iPad and are currently offering 35% off when customers by a case and accessory together.

As well as cases for the iPad 2 cases and iPad 3 cases, their latest releases include a range of cases for the iPad 4, the newly released tablet from Apple. They already have sixty eight cases available, including rotating cases, keyboard cases and standing cases, available in plastic, leather, metal and carbon fiber. The site’s search function makes easy and intuitive use of tick boxes to specify or eliminate elements respectively, mirroring Apple’s own commitment to ease of use through design.

A spokesperson for the company explained their success is part of a larger phenomenon, “The good thing for us from a business perspective is that Apple stagger the release of their products, and the new features they come with, to ensure maximum sales figures. People who buy this technology do so because being on the leading edge is important to them, and so the renewals are consistent and the new uptake increases. Every time they need new protective cases, and often leads and adapters, apps and modifications. There is an industry around the industry, and we aim to be a leader in ancillaries in the next few years. We’ve managed to position ourselves as a consumer favorite by coupling stylish and unique cases with a level of affordability that can’t be matched by other suppliers.”

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Grizzly Gadgets is one of the leading online retailers of cases, covers and accessories for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and iPad. The site provides for every model in the Galaxy range, as well as iPhone 4S and 5, and all iPad versions. For more information, please visit: