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Grocery Headquarters Magazine Looks at ADS Box from Retail Handling Solutions

Grocery Headquarters Magazine Looks at ADS Box from Retail Handling Solutions


Falmouth, ME -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- Grocery Headquarters offers an inside look at the trends and events impacting today’s ever-changing retail marketplace. In an effort to present grocery executives with strategic planning solutions, Grocery Headquarters recently profiled the ADS Box Auto-positioning Display System from Retail Handling Solutions. It is a movable cube that automatically maintains a display’s original appearance even as merchandise is removed. While sparing shoppers from unnecessary bending and lifting, the durable unit also offers significant marketing opportunities — its four large sides provide plenty of room for product messaging, promotional offers, or branding. Every side has a hinged top rail, a channel wide enough to hold multiple display panels, and a protective outer sheet of plexiglass, so future promotions can be pre-staged and the panels can be switched in seconds.

Ideal for cases of beverages such as soft drinks, bottled water, and beer and for bulk items such as pet food and garden supplies, the ADS Box has a self-leveling platform that keeps the top layer of stacked bags or cartons at the most convenient height for shoppers — just above the rim of a shopping cart. No power or compressed air is required. When the platform is loaded, the heavy-duty springs beneath it compress, leaving the top layer(s) of product accessible to the customer. Because the springs gradually raise the platform as weight is removed, even the bottom row of products is presented to shoppers at the ideal height when it rises to the top.

More appealing to shoppers than a pallet load of goods placed on the floor, the unit also eliminates potential trip hazards. Furthermore, the ADS Box is more environmentally sustainable than a wasteful cardboard promotional/seasonal display that is thrown away later. It also reduces labor costs, since its self-rising stack of products requires little or no housekeeping.

The whole unit can be wheeled anywhere in the store easily with a hand pallet truck, thanks to its rugged pallet-like base. Typically, the ADS Box is loaded out of sight of shoppers in a store’s back room before it is wheeled into position in the store. One side of the box comes off for replenishing the unit with a full pallet of goods, which can be stacked by hand or deposited all at once with a fork truck or pallet stacker.

The ADS Box is shipped fully assembled and ready for use. Overall dimensions are 40 x 48 x 36.5 inches. The platform inside is 36 x 44 inches. The “display cube” can be as high as 5 feet (60 inches). The maximum display weight is 2,500 pounds.

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