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Grok the Monkey Is on the Loose Flexible Tales Announces Hair-Raising New Interactive Digital Story

Dropping readers directly into a ring side seat, any Apple device or Macintosh Computer is now also a ticket to an immersive and enthralling new digital murder mystery.


Gainesville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2012 -- Having changed the literary landscape with their highly technical and immersive interactive stories, Flexible Tales™ comes out swinging once again with its latest and most compelling story yet.

“Grok the Monkey” is unlike anything every experienced before. Fusing an engaging story with a digital environment that allows the freedom of exploration, the latest in the Flexible Tales™ series takes readers deeper into their own story than ever before.

“Grok is in serious trouble. You were in the audience, watching the magic show, when he killed his partner on stage. You may not have had a front row seat, but it was tough to miss the chimp throwing down a sandbag from the rigging, striking Rollo the Magnificent and snapping his neck.

“Even though you are an eye witness to the crime and a detective, it is far from apparent who murdered the master magician and made the chimp a chump!

“Grok the Monkey is set in The Parker Carnival and Sideshow Extravaganza and filled with colorful characters. You’ll explore the lives of these carnies, visit their homes away from home, and get to know them in a way impossible in any other medium. Find out their hidden secrets and agendas, unravel their web of deception, all in the e?ort to save Grok, the wrongly accused chimpanzee, from mandated destruction.

“A unique blend of novel and game, Grok the Monkey invites you to explore, to question and to experience a murder mystery for yourself. Complete within this Flexible Tale is a fourteen chapter novel, Tales from the Bone Yard, written by Angel Rossini, a character in the story. These chapters bring the characters to life in the way only fiction can.

“It’s up to you to unravel the web of deceit and lies that make up The Parker Carnival and Sideshow Extravaganza. Who beer to help Grok prove his innocence than a police detective who witnessed the whole thing?”

The story’s developer promises a rip-roaring journey for all.

“Like all Flexible Tales™, game play consists of reading, exploring, thinking and tapping or clicking, and is designed to create a unique reading and discovery experience,” says Michael Berlyn, Founder of the Flexible Tales™ company.

The series’ unique concept has taken the literary world by storm. Flexible Tales™ is leading the interactive story market with their well proven concept led by their previous title The Art of Murder.

“It really is a very unique experience that has proven to be hugely popular. We’ll continue to develop our technology and promise many more exciting adventures in the future,” Berlyn concludes.

“Grok the Monkey” is available for download from the App Store and the Macintosh App Store for just $3.99. The story is compatible with all iOS devices, as well as Apple Macintosh desktop and laptop computers.

For more information, please visit: http://flexibletales.com

About Flexible Tales™
Storytelling is one of the most compelling and universal human activities. From the mesmerising power of tales shared around a campfire, to the transportive experiences of movies, novels, and games, an unfolding story has an unparalleled ability to drive the interest and emotions of an audience. It is no coincidence that people have always shown a nearly limitless capacity for the consumption of stories

Current technology provides a unique and rich tool set with which we have re-imagined the storytelling experience. We can now transform an audience member into an active participant in the narrative, pug him into the story itself, using both the wide-ranging content of the web and even the real world to enhance the experience. We have created a unique and versatile new story-telling-model built to enable immersive fictional experiences, and to redefine how people enjoy them.

We are dedicated to creating stories that immediately engage the reader in a unique environment, an experience that transports to places, to in-depth interaction with characters, and a level of involvement they can experience no other way.