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Leicestershire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2017 -- Masterclip have over a decade of experience manufacturing and retailing professional clipping products for a range of animals, including: dogs, horses, sheep, cattle, rabbits and cats.

Being one of the largest suppliers of animal clipping products in the region, the dedicated team at Masterclip have been fully trained in multiple aspects of animal care and grooming, and have a wide variety of knowledge on professional clipping products. Their expertise provides their customers with a wealth of knowledge that can be used to ensure the wellbeing of the animals in their care.

Masterclip provide products to both the general public and veterinary professionals, priding themselves on their exceptional service and competitively priced equipment.

With their long-standing service, Masterclip are considered to be at the forefront of their industry, continuously improving their product ranges to ensure they provide the most technically advanced and modern equipment to their consumers. Further to this, with over a decade of experience, Masterclip have a dedicated team, ensuring they keep on top of industry news and specialist grooming techniques.

Latest grooming techniques involve a comprehensive service that makes sure the animal is fully groomed and prepared for clipping.

In order to provide your dog with the best grooming experience, and keep their appearance in tip top condition, Masterclip recommended individuals have their dogs fur groomed, before clipping it to a shorter length or particular style.

Masterclip state that when a dog's fur is brushed and washed thoroughly prior to clipping, it allows the clippers to guide through the fur much more efficiently, avoiding injuries that can be caused by the clippers getting caught in tangles in the fur.

It is not uncommon for injuries to be incurred throughout the grooming process if appropriate steps are not taken to ensure safety.

Masterclip recommend that when grooming, individuals use a metal toothed comb, that is much finer and tougher than their plastic counterparts, making it easier to spot and lift out matted areas in the fur, which can then be cut away with scissors.

Recommendations prior to clipping include:

If the animal can be walked, it is advisable to take them out, releasing energy and calming them

If the animal is known to be particularly anxious try drug free, veterinarian formulated anxiety medications

Clip nails prior to grooming to avoid scratches or injury

Only use equipment suitable for the size of the animal being treating, helping to get a clean cut, and ensure the animal and equipment can be handled properly

About Masterclip
Based in Leicestershire, Masterclip provide professional animal clippers across the UK and Ireland. All products sold by Masterclip have gone through extensive product testing, and the staff at Masterclip are fully trained to answer to answer all questions individuals may have relating to their range of clipping related products.

Masterclip Animal Clippers
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