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Grossinger Neuropain Specialists Utilize Electromyography to Diagnose Muscle Health


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2016 -- Accurately diagnosing a problem is paramount when it comes to treating pain. Grossinger Neuropain Specialists rely on state-of-the-art Electromyography (EMG) tests to get a better understanding of their patients' muscle and nerve health. The EMG Test is effective at assessing damaged or weakened areas. This test can also isolate the level of nerve irritation. Electrodes are used to detect electrical signals given off by the body's motor neurons. When muscles contract, the EMG test can translate the signals into graphs, sounds, and numeric results that can further be analyzed by the doctors on staff.

EMGs detect abnormal electrical activity of muscle that results from multiple diseases and conditions, including pinched nerves, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), muscular dystrophy, disc herniation, and multiple other debilitating conditions. Some of the common diagnosis treated by the doctors at Grossinger Neuropain Specialists include Concussions. Arthritis of the Spine, Disc Diseases, Herniated Discs, Migraine, Sciatica, Sports Medicine Injuries, and many others. There are two offices that patients can visit for a consultation.

Dr. Grossinger's staff regularly assists patients eliminate pain and decrease the time they'll need workmen compensation in Delaware and Pennsylvania. The organization takes pain relief treatment seriously by treating every patient with a customized plan of action that the patient is comfortable with. Embracing modern medicine and scientific technology is critical when maintaining a reputation as a top pain doctor in the tri-state area. Individuals who need a Delaware workers comp doctor are encouraged to visit or call 302-613-0410. People nearby Eddystone, PA, can call 610-674-1704 to schedule an appointment at the company's Pennsylvania office.

About Grossinger Neuropain Specialists
Dr. Bruce Grossinger and his brother Dr. Steven Grossinger founded Grossinger Neuropain Specialists, originally Swarthmore Neuropain Specialists, in 1989. Since then, they have treated thousands of patients for neurological and spinal pain, bringing relief to individuals with injuries related to work, accidents, sports, stress or other causes. Relief from pain is within reach: Grossinger Neuropain Specialists can help.

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