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Grossman Furniture Now Offering Extensive Collection of AICO Branded Tuscano Furniture


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2013 -- As one of the premier furniture stores in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area, Grossman Furniture is pleased to announce they are now offering an extensive collection of AICO Tuscano furniture sets to their valued clientele. When looking for a classic design with a traditional, antiquated style, AICO has the intricate finish that will bring homeowners back to the Renaissance era. These pieces are perfect for that classic Italian look to implement into a modern home.

Developed by Michael Amini, these arched and curved pieces of furniture display the style of rich, glazed wood, blended together with glass, marble, leather, and metal to feature one of the most luxurious pieces of furniture. Grossman Furniture has a piece for any room in their collection, whether interested in a bedside table, curio (one or two piece set), china set to display in the dining room, or a complete dining room set to completely transform the look and feel of the home. The sophisticated and complex detail put into each and every piece provides for a magnificent finished product at an affordable price.

An easy commute for residents from New Jersey, Grossman Furniture features a premier showroom just over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Old City, Philadelphia. Customers are encouraged to stop by and receive first-class service as they browse the various Tuscano furniture sets. There is an abundance of parking available to Grossman customers so plenty of time can be spent browsing the showroom. The beautiful AICO Tuscano sets will tie any room in the home together, with any of the various types of homes in New Jersey.

When purchasing from Grossman Furniture, customers will be sure they are getting quality furniture at a fair price. In addition to the Tuscano style, they also feature Chateau Beauvais and Palias Royale sets from AICO. For more information on the availability of pieces, or to inquire on discounts for any desired set, please contact a representative of Grossman Furniture at 1-888-476-7762 or browse their website for a particular product today.

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For over 84 years, Grossman Furniture has embraced its Philadelphia surroundings to become the city’s preferred furniture store. It has adopted a wholesale philosophy that allows for more affordable furniture without compromising on quality. Since 1929, the company has consistently delivered a wide selection of furniture styles at prices dramatically better than those of the competition. Located on 2nd and Arch Street, Grossman Furniture isn’t just a one-stop shop—their customers keep coming back.

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