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Ground-Breaking Book Exposes Minimizing Conflict Through Restorative Conferencing.

Written by renowned Professional Mediator, Edna Fenceroy, the book outlines a precise and peaceful alternative to resolving disagreements.


Milwaukee, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- While many seek the peaceful life, encountering conflict is part and parcel of being human. However, one U.S. Professional Mediator is breaking new ground in the resolution of disagreements with her compelling new book.

‘Minimizing Conflict through Restorative Conferencing: Changing Lives through Changing Attitudes’ does exactly as it says on the cover; advocating mutual respect for a more peaceful life.

Synopsis: This guide offers a comprehensive and precise alternative to resolving disputes in a peaceful manner. It promotes allowing for the opinions of others. Allowing for the opinions of others does not mean that you agree with their view, it paves the way to a better understanding of each other and the issue. Perceptions are generally based on personal experiences, core values and understanding.

Recognizing that difference embraced with an attitude that it can be helpful rather than adversarial, will help lead to a more tolerable path of gaining a mutual resolution. This approach provides a structured and simplified process that can be used by families as well as businesses, churches and organizations. Seeking accountability from the offender is not diminished. Accepting accountability is part of the healing process.

As the author explains, Restorative Conferencing is based on the foundation that a better understanding of others often provides clarity on the dispute.

“We know that conflict is ever present in our daily lives. This book is important because it promotes a peaceful way to deal with disagreements, and advocates mutual respect for the opinions of others by understanding that opinions are belief,” says Fenceroy, who has vast experience professionally facilitating disputes.

She continues, “It encourages the participants to see disagreements as opportunities to know each other a little better, to help others and themselves. This process is a nonthreatening way to minimizing disagreements and resolving disputes.”

Critics praise Fenceroy for the diligent efforts she is taking to improve the lives of people around the world. With the book’s concept involving no finger-pointing or placing blame, Restorative Conferencing will come as a saving grace to workplaces, families and organizations that hold people at their core.

‘Minimizing Conflict through Restorative Conferencing: Changing Lives through Changing Attitudes’ is available now at bookstores and online services.

For more information to purchase a copy, visit: http://www.partnersinpeace2.com.

About the Author: Edna Fenceroy
Edna Fenceroy is a professional mediator who facilitates disputes for the United States Postal Service, businesses, churches and families. For the past 15 years, she has mediated hundreds of cases and trained churches and other community organizations in conflict resolution. She received her master’s degree in Management from Cardinal Stritch University-Milwaukee.

Her certifications in conflict resolution: Child protective service, public policy mediation, advanced transformative mediation and Bible based mediation prepared her to help others by utilizing the respective approaches. She is a mezzo soprano and studied voice at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and Taylor School of Music in Duncanville, Texas. She sings songs of faith for weddings, funerals and community events.

Mrs. Fenceroy stated that her life’s priority is to inspire others to inspire others. Edna has written magazine articles for a periodical that fosters help and information for women 50 plus. To learn more about the author, join her blog at www.askedna.wordpress.com; click the book cover to preview this guide.