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Ground-Breaking Christmas eBook Helps Women Embrace Festive Spirit and Wrap Up Stress for Good

While millions of children eagerly await the arrival of Santa Claus, just as many women are dreading the frustration, familial juggling and debt that inevitably lays ahead. However, thanks to a compelling new book by Melissa AuClair, women everywhere can once again enjoy the season’s simple pleasures without any stress, worry or strains.


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- Tis the season to be jolly, unless you’re one of the millions of women around the world who collides with Christmas in a spectacularly un-festive fashion. From empty bank accounts and empty souls to stress and frustration that’s big enough to stuff the turkey with; Christmas simply isn’t as pleasurable as it should be. However, a new eBook could be about to drop down the chimney and into the hearts of millions of women, changing the season (and their lives) in the process.

“Christmas in the Kitchen: A Modern Girl’s Guide to the Holidays One Batch of Cookies at a Time” comes courtesy of Melissa AuClair, a renowned baker and angel to thousands of people who want to enjoy Christmas again. Having spent many years trying to make Christmas perfect, numerous failures and eventual success have led to a wealth of lessons worth sharing.


“Christmas in the Kitchen: A Modern Girl’s Guide to the Holidays One Batch of Cookies at a Time” is not a book primarily about baking Christmas desserts. Rather, it is about finding joy and contentment in the simple joys of Christmas: baking and relationships.

Christmas in the Kitchen is a book about friends and Grandmas and stress and decorating. There are chapters about sadness and nostalgia, missing loved ones and not spending your entire paycheck on Christmas decorations.

Christmas in the Kitchen is AuClair’s view of the season- that the best place to share the holidays is in your kitchen with your family and friends and favorite recipes.

Making food from scratch is more about relationships than the end product. Baking and working in the kitchen is a place about becoming and solving problems. It’s about making slow food and enjoying slow relationships.

There are some things in life that can’t be done fast and well. Baking is one of them. Relationships are another.

Christmas in the Kitchen: How the Modern Girl Can Survive the Season One Batch of Cookies at a Time is about both.

Slow food. Slow relationships. Lots of love and laughter. A beautiful Christmas season await all who read this powerful new book.”

As the author explains, she wrote the book after witnessing too many Christmas meltdowns.

“Too many women spend the Christmas season stressed out, shopping and in survival mode. I wrote this book to give women another way of looking at things: life is just as rich (maybe more) when we slow down and celebrate with food and family,” says AuClair, who’s own home cooking has developed a cult following.

She continues, “In my business and writing I try to help women enjoy life more by spending more time with people they love, doing what they are wired to do- instead of following media trends.”

In fact, while the holidays have always proven stressful to most, AuClair believes the current world economic situation makes her book more important than ever.

“This book is timely because as more people have less money to spend on the holidays, there is opportunity to discover that the holidays can be incredibly full with simple ways of celebrating: baking, sharing food with friends and family and enjoying the beauty of the season,” she adds.

Offering the perfect blueprint for the perfect Christmas, AuClair is poised to bring thousands of families this year’s ultimate gift – harmony among themselves.

“Christmas in the Kitchen: A Modern Girl’s Guide to the Holidays One Batch of Cookies at a Time”, published by BookBaby, is currently available on Amazon. Expansion to other sales platforms and e-reading devices is expected within the coming weeks.

Direct purchase link: http://amzn.to/TDM90g

About Melissa AuClair
Melissa AuClair is a writer, speaker and happy home cook helping and inspiring women discover and pursue the creative desires in their life. She knows the highs and lows of career transitioning, experimental cooking and how to create an almost-perfect Christmas. She blogs about the chaos and joys of living the creative life and other enigmas at www.launchyourcreativelife.com a blog and website for women looking to add more creativity and good food to their personal and professional lives.