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Ground-Breaking Literary Series Exposes Intricate Workings of Clandestine U.S. Intelligence Operatives


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- From the CIA to the U.S. Department of Defense, tens of thousands of intelligence operatives put their lives and wellbeing on the line every day so that Americans can continue to have all that many citizens take for granted. While their work is often underappreciated or even unrecognized in its entirety, a compelling new non-fiction series is shining the public’s spotlight on the agencies and people whose stories deserve to be told.

Written from actual assignments and heavily-researched, Birgit Von Schondorf’s ‘The Alphabet Games’ tells the story of the remarkable and exciting lives of U.S. Intelligence Operatives. The first volume, ‘The Numinous Protocol’, presents the intelligence and groundwork for what promises to be a best-selling series.

Focusing on the CIA and America’s global war on terrorism, the book is one of the most detailed descriptions in open-source literature to showcase what really goes into the planning and execution of operational missions. Weaving geopolitics, espionage, and intensely-personal relationships, the gripping narrative serves to point out the antagonistic posture of current global events and those working worldwide to ensure international stability.

Advanced praise for the book has been nothing but glowing.

“If you have ever wondered what it is like for an undercover CIA operative to work as part of a covert team in hostile environments where a combination of luck, skill and survival instincts are the ticket to living another day- this gritty book is compelling reading,” says one veteran of many covert missions.

Renowned author and financial expert, D Calabria, was equally as impressed, saying “The Alphabet Games, the first in a series, promises to be a winner out of the box. Based on the real world of individual CIA operatives, it reveals how things get done and missions are accomplished, including a reality check in the real world. You haven’t read anything as remotely close to this real life description of one of the most important activities that keeps the United States in the forefront of the battle against the seriously demented who seek nothing less than our destruction.”

With so much success on her hands, the author remains true to what drove her to publish the series.

“I wanted to give people that I feel are truly remarkable a chance to get the recognition they deserve. We’re only able to breathe clean air, eat safe food and enjoy limitless freedom because of the thousands of people working selflessly to keep our liberties open,” says Von Schondorf.

Continuing, “The United States cares for the world on a grand scale, more than any other nation ever has. Many working for the public have put their lives on the line repeatedly, with little care for the consequences on their own life and health. The lack of mindfulness of these facts and these unsettled times are what launched me into writing this series.

Von Schondorf has worked diligently to perfect each facet of the book. From the all-white lettered ransom note-style cover, to her intricate fictitious characters and their operations based on reality, the narrative is current, relative and gives credit where it is due. Teasing prospective readers with chapter titles including ‘A Little Town Called Washington’, ‘Capital Hill Petrie Dish’ and ‘Terrorist Disneyland’, the adventure of a lifetime awaits all.

With the book’s second volume complete and awaiting publication, readers are urged to keep their ears to the ground for the next installment of Von Schondorf’s ground-breaking literature.

‘The Alphabet Games: "The Numinous Protocol"’ is available worldwide exclusively on Amazon:

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ISBN 978- 148004379

About Birgit Von Schondorf
Birgit Von Schondorf is a former international fashion model who has appeared in films and television commercials worldwide. She started her journalistic endeavors with UPI and most recently penned satirical Op-Eds for the The Monitor. Ms. VonSchondorf has spoken on television, radio and noted college campuses. Her Non-Fiction book series ‘The Alphabet Games’ depicts the ridiculously dangerous, lonely and interesting lives of intelligence operatives; ‘The Alphabet Games-The Numinous Protocol’ represents the first in the series.