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Ground-Breaking New Book by Dan Alspach Helps Teenagers Transition from Dependant to Independent

Told through a compelling fictional story, ‘Now What’ provides an abundance of real-world advice to help upcoming High School graduates survive life away from Mom and Dad.


Wellington, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2012 -- Every college student has been there; from staring goggle-eyed at laundry machines to franticly trying to manage their finances, leaving home and ‘going it alone’ just isn’t easy. However, a game-changing book by Dan Alspach now equips every High School graduate with all of the information they need to become independent adults.

Information is wrapped into ‘Now What?: A Teenage Transitional Guide From Dependence to Independence’. Fusing a fictional story with real-world resources and discussion points, the book imparts its invaluable information in an engaging and entertaining format.


“Cody Allen returns home from his high school graduation ceremony panic stricken by the realization that he is not prepared for the adult world. As he tries to comprehend the magnitude of his graduation party, a loving mob of family and friends approach his vehicle anxiously awaiting his exit from his car.

Walking through a winding tunnel of congratulatory back slaps and at-a-boy's he reaches his father who is waiting patiently for his turn to applaud his boy's accomplishment.

Cody's father quickly realizes that not everything is as it should be. Gathering in a quiet spot amongst the partiers, Cody and his father quickly tackle many of the reservations and concerns that now plague Cody about adulthood. Having officially left the comfortable, protected realm of childhood, his fears of caring for himself with little to no knowledge of how to do so prompts a lesson that isn't taught in any classroom. Several of Cody's fellow graduates and siblings join the conversation creating an impromptu forum by which, through question and answer, these new tax paying, voting age, military eligible young people are introduced to some of the universally applicable realities of adulthood.

Through lively dialogue regarding the day-to-day considerations of adulthood, displayed within a descriptive party setting, four young people are introduced to and made comfortable with their lives after graduation. As they journey through employment possibilities, insurances, taxes, leases, utilities, groceries and other such realities; they find themselves slowly realizing that becoming an adult may not be as fearful a proposition as they initially thought.”

As the author explains, his book contains vital and necessary life lessons.

“Children are not being given this information. The information in the book is NOT any new information to any adult. There is no ‘eureka’ information. However, very few people that I have spoken to can tell you where, when, or how they learned it,” says Alspach, who believes information should be delivered to young people in real-world terms.

He continues, “The function of the book is to raise their awareness and to perhaps side step any bumps and bruises they may incur when they do face these issues. It is a long overdue heads-up in story form.”

To accompany the story, the book contains a quick reference section and checklists for things such as what to expect at an interview, along with mock interview questions.

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“Although there is a lot of media available on this subject, very few address the content in such an informal, everyday conversational manner. As parents, I think we tend to take many of the things covered in this book for granted, and assume our kids will simply pick up these basic but essential things through "osmosis". As the father of four children growing up in the digital age, I found the web links sprinkled throughout the book especially helpful,” said one reader, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another, GlenWalk, was equally as impressed. They said, “I just wish this book had been written when I was graduating many years ago, maybe I wouldn't have made some of the mistakes that many of us do once we think we are adults and are so eager to be out on our own.”

Now What?: A Teenage Transitional Guide From Dependence to Independence’, published by CreateSpace, is available from the authors page on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/author/danalspach

About Dan Alspach, in his own words:
I am a 45 year old father of four living in Ohio and will finish my degree in philosophy in May of 2013. Perhaps the most commonly asked question I am asked is, "What are you going to do with philosophy?" But I guess I have to answer that with a question..."What do you do without philosophy?" I hope that you will find my writing first entertaining and perhaps, if only by accident, secondly insightful.

I love to write and have numerous projects in mind. I intend to challenge dogmatic beliefs within story lines that weave colorful characters dealing with philosophical concerns and questions that have plagued man for 2600 years. The challenge is not in finding everyday applications for philosophical principles but rather conveying those principles in a manner that is both entertaining and informative. I hope you enjoy!