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Ground-Breaking New Book Examines Influence Numbers Have on Human Behavior.

In her life-changing new book, Carolyn Chambers helps readers discover their anointing numbers and empowers them to fight life’s great battle – themselves.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2012 -- It’s a given fact that everyone’s favorite topic is themselves. However, as Carolyn Chambers proves in her new book, the enemy within can often hamper life’s success. Using the intricate study of numbers and the scriptures, ‘Discovering Your Anointing Numbers’ makes a compelling read for all.


“The presence of a problem in your life indicates that you are being opposed by the enemy within. It is waging a subtle and almost imperceptible battle. It is there opposing all of your good efforts and guiding you to a path that seems right, but ends in destruction.

But there is hope! As you meditate on the scriptures in this book, you will find that they are full of revelations designed specifically for your particular anointing, to help restore the glory, and enable you to fulfill the call of God on your life. As you walk in your anointing, winning becomes automatic.”

As the author explains, her book places a strong focus on the influence that numbers have on human behavior.

“For example, a person born in the month of June will tend to pick their battles, those born in August love to reprimand, those born in February are vessels of mercy. This work is accomplished using the individual's birth demographics: birth month, birth order, number of letters in the first name, and birthday,” says Chambers.

Continuing, “For the first time, there is a book that allows the reader to discover their personal God image, likeness and dominion. Our numbers give us a predisposition for acting and responding...both positive and negative. This book will introduce you to yourself. It pinpoints the individual's strengths and weaknesses. This book addresses how the mind, unless renewed, can play a devastating role in the accomplishment of our goals.”

Through reading the book and utilizing its techniques, readers will be able to:

1. Locate them self in the bible
2. Benefit from the mistakes of others
3. Identify their anointing and anti-anointing
4. Identity the enemies of their anointing
5. Help them pass life' tests
6. Prepare them to do the good works
7. Prepare them to run the race

“As individuals anointed at birth to do the good works, are often frustrated by our own efforts, not realizing that where there is a problem there is a race, and there can only be one winner, and the arch opponent is Yourself. This book addresses the nearly imperceptible battle, and uncovers the tactics of the enemy. We have seen lives turned around based on the simple insight that occurs when people have knowledge of who they really are,” Chambers adds.

The book is poised to change the lives of thousands. To assist with their transformation, Chambers has created a comprehensive website which contains valuable resources including anointing profiles, profile samples and an online prayer request form.

“My book and website will empower everyone who turns to them. With such an exciting opportunity ahead, who wouldn’t want to change for the better?” she concludes.

“Discover Your Anointing Numbers” is available from the book’s official website: http://www.anointingnumbers.com

About Carolyn Chambers
Raised in Chicago, Illinois, Carolyn is the seventh of fourteen siblings. As a teen, she developed a love of seeing the potential in others, and encouraging them to reach greater heights.

Mrs. Chambers left Chicago in 1970 to attend the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. There, she studied psychology and philosophy. After obtaining her degree, she then attended the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, earning a Master's degree in rehabilitation/vocational evaluation.

Mrs. Chambers worked as a Christian psychotherapist for over twenty years. One day, feeling overwhelmed by God's goodness, she asked God, "What can I do for you?" He answered so softly, "Feed my sheep." Mrs. Chambers used various venues to accomplish this vision including: parenting training and teaching; with the Holy Spirit giving her a charge for each assignment. For parenting training, He told her to teach them to love their children. As a teacher, He told her to first put heaven by their side.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, Mrs. Chambers has spent the last ten years researching anointing numbers. This book is the culmination of her efforts to complete that assignment. She is also working on Discovering Your Anointing Numbers, Book II, which outlines the principles for applying change.

Mrs. Chambers has been married to her husband Keith for twenty-five years and they now reside in Phoenix, Arizona with their two sons: Nehemiah and Zacharias. They are members of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church.