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Ground-Breaking New Book Reveals How Outstanding Organizations Complete Projects 25% Faster, with No Sacrifice to Scope or Budget

Written by Gerry I. Kendall and Kathy M. Austin, ‘Advanced Multi-Project Management’ can help any individual or organization achieve outstanding speed and results with complete predictability. With project managers struggling to find the resources to complete their projects on time, and constantly fighting scope increases, a book of this kind has never seen greater demand.


Gatlinburg, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- With over half of all projects finishing late, off-scope and costing more than originally planned, the modern organization is fiercely struggling to keep abreast of its project demands.

However, thanks to a ground-breaking new book by two of the United States’ most acclaimed Project Management thought-leaders, anyone can deliver projects 25% faster, without ever sacrificing scope or budget.

The strategies and step by step process outlined in ‘Advanced Multi-Project Management: Achieving Outstanding Speed and Results with Predictability’ are already being used by dozens of organizations who are reporting a 70% increase in projects executed with the same resources and an impressive 50% rise in throughput.


Advanced Multi-Project Management presents the full strategy and detailed tactics needed to correctly accelerate and synchronize projects for successful execution of an increased number of projects with the same resources, delivering them on time, on budget, and within original scope.

Key Features:

--Provides a proven step-by-step approach to achieving vastly improved multi-project management results

--Outlines the 10 essential steps to creating valid project networks and task estimates in a multi-project environment

--Illustrates examples of how to define resource skill sets in a multi-project environment and effective ways to align all projects to prevent constant conflicts over resources

--Reveals software requirements necessary to support small, medium, and large multi-project environments

--Downloadable improvement results reported by 59 organizations using these methodologies, a complete strategy and tactics with instructions, multi-project flow simulations, and more

As one of the authors explains, getting current and future projects back on track isn’t as daunting as many think.

“When just these few multi-project practices are changed, it is easy to quickly get results. To succeed at change, there must be a full understanding of the problem before starting to implement. That requires a strategy with a very aggressive goal. You must have full buy-in to the strategy and the tactics needed to achieve the strategy. Our book walks you through the entire process,” says Kendall.

Continuing, “Most multi-project management systems behave like the air travel system - unpredictable at best, often taking much longer than planned with unpleasant surprises. Managers often point the finger at not having enough resources or ‘Murphy’ - variation they have encountered. The problem over the past 10 years is that so much of the knowledge needed to successfully implement a predictable, viable, sustainable, multi-project solution did not exist in the public domain. Today, with this book, that has changed.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“FINALLY, a comprehensive 'How To Textbook" for the multi-project world. Kendall's best book. The motivation is there. The examples are understandable. The logic builds confidence. Focuses management's attention. With this book, YOU CAN DO IT!” says James R. Holt, Professor of Engineering & Technology Management at Washington State University.

Glenn Fegely, President of Ellwood National Forge, was equally as impressed. He adds, “Advanced Multi-Project Management provides the road map to successful multi-project management, seamlessly melding distilled executive level summaries and step-by-step implementation details for maximum understanding. It is a masterwork on several levels.”

With the book’s popularity set to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Advanced Multi-Project Management: Achieving Outstanding Speed and Results with Predictability’ is available now: http://amzn.to/19sVZLS

About the Authors
Gerald I. Kendall, PMP, Principal, TOC International, is a distinguished thought-leader, noted management consultant, sought-after speaker, best-selling author, and recognized expert at program management and project portfolio management, supply chain logistics, and strategic planning, with extensive implementation experience around the world since 1968. He is an active member of the Project Management Institute and the author of numerous articles and four books including the best-selling Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO.

Kathleen M. Austin, Principal, APT Concepts, is a published author globally recognized for her 20 plus years of work in Theory of Constraints and integrated TOC Lean-Six Sigma implementations. She has also been involved in the instruction, development, coaching and mentoring within strategic planning, project/portfolio management, supply chain management, and software development. Kathleen served over 12 years in the US Air Force as an acquisition project manager and manufacturing manager for radar, missile, and aircraft programs. Ms. Austin earned a BSBA degree from the University of Nebraska and her Masters Degree in Logistics Management from the Air Force Institute of Technology.