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Ground-Breaking Urban Motivational eBook Empowers Readers to Use Inner Resources to Achieve Bold Life Changes.

Hard-hitting, frankly honest and openly outspoken, ‘The Declaration of a New You’ possesses the power to change anyone’s life for the better. By ‘filling in the gaps’ and divulging information many existing self-help books miss, the eBook is helping thousands of readers become new individuals in all areas of life.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- While there are millions of self-help books on the market, many miss reaching their full potential due to the constraints of their writing style. In order to expand on these points and offer a tangible guide that can literally change anyone’s life, ‘The Declaration of a New You’ does things differently by filling in the gaps for those looking to affect change across a myriad of situations and behaviors.

The book uniquely fuses its innovative, honest and direct advice with its ability to relate to the everyday person.


If you are looking for something that is not your sugar coated ordinary self-help/ motivational guide and you want to embody the real meaning of a better you... Read a little further and you may realize that you may have found what you are looking for. Read the following questions slowly;

1. What would you do to never be the same again?
2. How would you feel being able to enhance or simply just change what you have?

Now those are very serious questions.

Following completion of this book, you will know:

- Reasons why you should never doubt yourself and eliminate self-doubt
- To never be intimidated by anyone, no matter what type of individual it is
- Have confidence like never before
- Become a more determined individual when it comes to your goals
- No longer see negative people in your life as an obstacle, but instead a way to see them in a positive light
- Know the reality of why haters are a blessing in disguise
- Eliminate envy
- Completely change your attitude
- Learn the reason why children have an advantage over adults
- Take better care of yourself than ever before (including taking care of your health)
- Increase your standards and belief in yourself
- Become very happy with what you have and increase the happiness
- Stop the stress and worry
- The real truth behind happiness
- A basic recipe to become goal oriented
- Become a new person in almost every area
- Plus simple techniques following every chapter... yes all of that and much more!

Imagine having an all in one guide that is simple, straightforward, home hitting and very entertaining. The Declaration of a New You is literally life changing and conquers multiple categories at the same time.

As the publisher explains, the book appeals to readers of all ages and backgrounds.

“There is something here for everyone, whether readers are looking to develop confidence they thought they never had, take better care of themselves, get rid of negative people and much more. Nothing is long-winded and each topic dives straight into the pertinent points,” says representative of Progressive Impact.

Continuing, “As well as making a ton of very strong points, every chapter is entertaining and even hilarious at times. It’s a must read.”

Reviews echo the author’s testaments.

“I give this book so many thumbs up! Even at the beginning I was feeling good. All the parts of this book were very well written and easy to read. It’s like examining all the pieces of my life. Definitely a must read for anyone. There is something in it for everyone and after you read it you will want to change something,” says one reader, reviewing the book online.

Krystal from New Jersey was equally as impressed, adding, “What I like about the declaration of a new you is that I don’t envy anyone anymore. No matter where they are in life. Everything is addressed, and leaves no questions. I love this book.”

With something for everyone and an increasing demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies of the book as soon as possible.

‘The Declaration of a New You’ is available now, directly from the publisher: http://www.progressiveimpact.net/

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