Groundbreaking Fundraising Website Helps People With Free and Easy Fundraising


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2012 -- Times are tough and in these tough times a Jacksonville FL based fundraising company is educating people to help them do free and easy fundraising online. The company called Pin My Dollars educates people at their website as well as provides free counseling on how to fundraise via QR codes on smart phones and text messages.

The website is focused on helping the people save money on fundraising for various occasions by educating them on various topics related to fundraising such as funeral fund raising, fundraising for church, marriage fundraising, fundraising for social , cancer fundraising, fundraising for autism and other events by educating people on various options that the website provides to the common public, by engaging them with fundraising options and above all by providing very easy to use and free of cost fundraising tools at the website as well.

Parrish Praham, the brain behind the website explains the very simple and easy fundraising method of this website – you sign up for a totally free fundraising account, get your free QR code and donation link and then send that QR code to people via text message, email or plain old print out. Donors can then scan the QR code on their smart phones or they can just click on the link on their internet enabled device which will take them to the secure page where they can easily make a contribution to your cause.

The website shows people how to raise money effectively and efficiently without going through much trouble. Traditional fundraising sources required a lot of effort and energy but with that is not the case. People can actually use these QR code images on their social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter as well where people can know about your cause or event and contribute by just a click. This really takes fundraising to a new level which is so much easier, safer and faster way of fundraising.

Parrish Praham also consults for free various non-profits and other social as well as national groups looking to fundraise such as fundraising for firefighters, school renovation project fundraising , election campaign fundraising etc. The website is truly a great resource for anyone looking to raise money for their event and people can easily fundraise online with this wonderful website.

We are a fundraising website that helps people raise money for their cause for free

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